Zero VPN for PC –  Windows 11 Free Download

Zero VPN for PC is the app if you don’t want to expose your private information to Cybercriminals. The app provides a Virtual private network through its various servers that offer VPN services. 

The best VPN app offers a user-friendly smooth user interface. There is no need for registration or login, you just have to download the app and use it.

You can download the Zero VPN for PC from the Google Play Store using any Android emulator such as Androidly, Bluestacks, etc. 

zero-vpn for pc

Zero VPN Specifications


Zero VPN


25 MB


Android 4.4 and above

Language English 
Security Safe – verified by Google Play store
Downloads 100,000+

Features of Zero VPN

It has all the essential features a user expects from a VPN app. From unblocking restricted apps and websites to high-grade privacy protection. This app is a complete package loaded with features and safety essentials.

Unblocking apps and websites

Zero VPN for PC allows users to change their location. This helps in accessing apps and websites blocked in the user’s region. Every user is allowed to select their location as any of the mentioned locations, which include Ashburn, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

Often a website or app blocked in one country is accessible in others. Therefore by using Zero VPN for PC you can change your location to a place free from restrictions. If you are fond of surfing the internet without any restrictions, this app is for you.

Fast connection ability and One-tap operation

Zero VPN for PC has a fast connection ability which is generally absent in other VPN apps. Most VPN apps take too long to connect to the servers, but Zero VPN allows users to connect in seconds.

Apart from the fast connect ability, this app works on one tap operation. One tap operation allows users to connect to VPN servers just by one tap without providing any other information. The disconnect feature also works on this method, saving time and memory.

Privacy protection

In this modern world, privacy is as important as any organ of the human body and the majority of apps inappropriately store personal data and use it for other purposes. 

Zero VPN is strictly against saving user data and claims that all the actions on the app are encrypted. It is almost impossible to trace the history of a user as to what all sites were visited by the user. Your data is fully secure under this app, and there is no threat to your privacy.

High VPN speed

Using the Zero VPN for PC you get the highest VPN speed while streaming and surfing. Generally, the network speed deteriorates as soon as the VPN is connected. But Zero VPN for PC claims that it provides a high-speed VPN service. Therefore, the problem of speed is no more an issue, and users can enjoy a private network at a high speed.

Zero VPN for PC works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all other network carriers. Therefore, it allows you to connect to VPN no matter your type of connection.

Even if you are using some old device that has no modern network configurations you can still use this app for VPN.

Free VPN service

Getting anything for free in this competitive world is like a dream come true. But Zero VPN provides VPN services for free. There is no fee for downloading or installing the app, and even connecting to VPN does not require any fees.

For the purpose of collection of revenue, the app shows some ads, these ads can be removed by purchasing premium. The Premium users get priority in the customer support request. The in-app purchase starts from Rs.180 and goes up to Rs.3650 per item.

Alternatives of Zero VPN

Atlas VPN

The exclusive features available in the Atlas VPN app are generally unavailable to any other VPN app in the industry.

One such feature is access to an unlimited number of devices with a single account with this feature you can use the app on all of your devices.

It also has a WireGuard feature that helps you connect to the VPN quickly. Atlas VPN offers superior web traffic encryption and 4K fast streaming thereby providing you with the content of the best quality.

Proton VPN

The Proton VPN app for PC is a revolution in the VPN industry as it has no subscription fee or in-app purchases. All its features are available to all users. It has 1400+ high-speed servers through which users can browse privately.

It has a net shield adblocker and can even provide Bittorrent support. It is powered with a VPN accelerator and has various modes, including Stealth mode. The secure core and full disk encryption are some features that are generally absent in VPN apps.

Turbo VPN

Using Turbo VPN you get a free and fast VPN service. One unique feature of this app is the Turbo Library. Turbo Library allows users to read various e-books for free. The in-app purchase for the app lies between Rs. 65-6100 per item hence it is not a burden on your pocket.

Turbo VPN offers Turbo speed and is protected using AES-256 encryption, guaranteeing no data leakage. The integrated kill switch feature ensures that you don’t revert to your original IP address and saves you from exposing your data.

Swing VPN

The Swing VPN app for PC is one of the trusted VPN apps available on the Google play store. There are some amazing features in this app that are not available in other VPN apps, and one such feature is Excluding apps from using VPN. Generally, when VPN is running, all the apps are switched to that network, but this app has the feature to exclude unnecessary apps.

These features, make it convenient for users to visit any website. The Turbo VPN connects you to VPN in seconds, saving you a lot of time.

Thunder VPN

The Thunder VPN app for PC is an easy-to-use VPN service with a simple user interface. It encrypts the internet connection due to which third parties cannot track your online activity. The app works with Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G,3G, and all mobile data carriers; therefore, compatibility is not an issue.

The best thing about this app is there is no need for registration or configuration. Users can access the VPN service just by installing the VPN app. It comes with a split tunneling feature that divides your internet connection into two parts, and if one is not working, the other will work.


Is Zero VPN available for Free?

Yes, Zero VPN for PC is free for download. Users can download the app from the Google Play store using any Android emulator. For the in-app purchases, users must pay some amount to enjoy Premium ad-free services.

Is Zero VPN available for Mac?

No, Zero VPN is not available directly for Mac, but you can install the app by using the methods presented in this article. To install Zero VPN on Mac, use an Android emulator as the app is for mobile. 

Is Zero VPN Safe to Use?

Yes, Zero VPN is safe to use as it is available on the Google play store. Any app available on the Google Play store is generally verified and free from malicious activities.

Is Zero VPN available for Windows 10 & 11?

 Zero VPN is not available on the Microsoft store for Windows 10,11 users. But you can install the app using an Android emulator, such as Androidly or Bluestacks. 


Zero VPN for PC is one of the best VPN apps available for PC. After reading this article, you can download the app for free on your PC. It allows users to change their IP address and get access to apps and websites which are not available through their original IP.

Some of its features, like one-tap connectivity and fast connection ability, are best in class. One-tap connectivity saves a lot of time and memory for the users.

After reading this article, you can say that Zero VPN for PC is the best VPN for all purposes, from protecting your browsing history to accessing blocked content. Zero VPN for PC is the go-to app if you are looking for a VPN app.

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