Shack TV for PC –  Windows 11 Free Download

Shack TV for PC is an IPTV service provider that provides television content over the internet. The app offers numerous international channels and popular news networks in multiple languages.

The best IPTV offers parental control, external player support, and a favorites manager. Further, this article mentions more features of Shack TV in detail.

The refund policy for this app provides a full refund in 1 business day if claimed within 7 days of subscription. You can download the Shack TV  for PC app through the official website by using an Android emulator .

Shack TV for PC -  Windows 11 Free Download

Shack TV Specifications



Shack TV 


74.2 MB


Windows 11,10,7, Vista, Firestick, Mac OS, Android 4.2+

Language English and 25 other languages
Security Safe for use



Features of Shack TV

1. Affordable and Multi-room subscription plan

Shack TV for PC has pocket-friendly subscription plans that cost only 9.9$ per month, 27$ for 3 months, 48$ for 6 months, and the best plan is 84$ for 12 months.

At this price, no IPTV service can provide quality content. The subscription plan includes streaming TV shows and videos on demand.

It also offers a Multi-room subscription plan that allows users to view content on all subscribed devices at any time.

The multi-room plan is suitable for users having a TV in all the rooms in their houses. Hotel and guest house owners can avail the various benefits of this feature.

2. Video-on-demand service

Shack TV’s video-on-demand feature allows users to request any video at a reasonable time. Shack TV for PC offers this feature free of cost, while other IPTVs charge users for providing VoD services.

Compared to traditional television, the Video on demand service does not show anything and everything. These days Television operators also offer VoD services, but it is expensive.

Furthermore, this feature brings a sense of satisfaction among the users and is especially for people fond of watching content repetitively.

3. Parental Control and Favourites manager 

Using the Parental control feature, you can restrict the content available to stream. One of the problems with IPTV apps is that they are unsafe for children.

Shack TV for PC offers a parental control feature for parents like you who are concerned about what their child is watching on TV.

The Favourites manager marks all your favorite channels so that you don’t waste your time scrolling through the list of channels. If you are working personnel, then this feature will save you time and energy.

4. Catch-up TV 

Shack TV has a catch-up TV feature where users can view past episodes or programs missed during the premiere. Earlier viewers used to take time off from their office hours to watch a television show.

But this catch-up TV feature has solved this inconvenience and offers users to watch anything at any time and place.

The catch-up feature records the movies and shows you want to watch later. The app also offers cloud storage for users to record their favorite shows. Users also have the option to delete the recorded content after watching.

5. 6500+ channels to watch with EPG guide

Shack TV allows users to access over 6500 channels without limitations from telecast channels and borders. Furthermore, the EPG shows the current, upcoming, and broadcast programs.

Navigate the EPG guide and decide what to view on multiple channels. These channels are available in different ways – on a regional basis, they are USA, UK, Costa Rica, and other regions. It also differentiates adult content from the general list, you can search for a channel in the search box.

Alternatives of Shack TV

1. Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV costs 15.99$ per month. The app offers you movies on demand and has a massive library of movies. 

Using its fast-buffer speed, you don’t have to worry about buffering while streaming. The app has 2000 servers spread over 198 countries for content from around the globe.

There is an IP-unlocked trial period of 36 hours for 3$. The app provides full HD content in multiple languages. Furthermore, hotels and restaurants can use this app as it allows five connections per subscription. 

2. Apollo group TV

The Apollo group TV app for PC is one of the most popular IPTV service providers. It has features like EPG, VoD, and many more.

The best thing about this app is it charges you on a channel-to-channel basis. Another excellent feature of the app is it provides customer support service through telegram and discord.

Some other features include personalized recommendations, a play/pause feature, and an advanced search and filtering feature enabling you to find the right content.

3. Typhoon labs IPTV

Using Typhoon labs IPTV, you become a part of the massive user community as this app has a large user base. Furthermore, its subscription provides up to five connections giving an advantage to multiple-screen users.

The subscription cost is at par with major IPTV service providers and is just 15.99$ per month. Under its list, it has 1500+ channels and also offers Video on demand. 

Typhoon labs IPTV offers its users parental pin protection for child safety. The quick navigation system is an added advantage for users who seldom watch TV.

4. Falcon TV IPTV

Falcon TV is a reputed name in the IPTV industry. The app has 4000+ live channels of various categories like sports, entertainment, Video-on-demand, etc. It comes with three connections per subscription and you can subscribe for 20$ per month.

Falcon TV offers you high-quality video content and therefore does not let you compromise with the quality. The best part about this app is its simple user interface as even a user who is not into technology can learn how to use it.

5. WorthyStream

According to leading tech blogs, WorthyStream is the best IPTV subscription provider. The app offers you more than 15000 premium channels to watch. All live events around the globe are covered in this app so that you don’t miss your favorite sport or any other show.

The WorthyStream app has a massive repository that includes the top IMDb-rated movies. It also updates its VoD section from time to time. The EPG in this app is very user-friendly and will let you reach your favorite channel in no time.


Is Shack TV available for Free?

The Shack TV app is free to download for Windows and Mac users. You must register on the website and subscribe to the app to access its content.

Is Shack TV available for Mac?

Shack TV is not available for Mac. However, users can use the method mentioned above to download the app.  You can download the Shack TV app through any Android emulator, such as Bluestacks and smart face.

Is Shack TV Safe to Use?

Yes, Shack TV is safe to use as the website shows no virus when scanned by any antivirus, and the app also does not redirect to any external websites or pages.

Is Shack TV available for Windows 10 & 11?

No, Shack TV is not available for Windows 10 & 11. But you can install the app through any Android emulator, such as Bluestacks and Androidly. 


Shack TV for PC is a one-stop solution for streaming television shows, including sports, entertainment, and international channels. It also offers Video on demand by which the users can access the content of their choice. By reading this article, you are now aware of its features and its alternatives.

You can easily download the app on your PC by following the method mentioned in this article. Download this ultimate IPTV app and get rid of your traditional cable connection. Overall the old cable television has become obsolete because Shack TV for PC is the television of this era.

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