How to Install textPlus for PC Windows 10

textPlus for PC is the best free phone number app, which allows unlimited free texting and calling. With textPlus, you may call, text, and message your friends without phone coverage.

Send unlimited SMS and MMS texts to any American phone number and free calls to practically any international phone number.

You can use and download the app for free. A premium subscription is available, though, and it removes the advertisements.

With an android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox player, textPlus can be downloaded. Downloading textPlus for PC requires Windows 7 or later.

textPlus for PC

textPlus Specifications




35.29 MB


Windows 7 or higher


Security Safe
Downloads 50M+

Features of textPlus 

Unlimited SMS, MMS, and Group text

textPlus allows you to send unlimited SMS and group texts to anyone with an actual phone number. TextPlus doesn’t require a phone line to operate.

You can send Multimedia messages (MMS) anywhere in the US and Canada besides standard text messages. 

Start group chats for free with your loved ones, close friends, or coworkers. Communicating with more than 60 million other textPlus members is free with the help of textPlus. Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks are also compatible with it.

Even if they don’t have the textPlus app downloaded, you can still contact every member of your family and friends.

Unlimited call

You may make international calls using textPlus and call anyone. You can accomplish this without a working phone service. Calls to landlines in the US and Canada are free. But, you will be charged a minimum sum for each call made to any other nation. 

Compared to other phone companies, textPlus calls are significantly less expensive. Also, textPlus allows you to earn free calling minutes.

You can contact anyone using this fantastic social tool, regardless of where you are. You only require a reliable internet connection. It functions with Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G.

Phone service not required

No active SIM card is necessary to make calls using textPlus. When using the messaging app, you can use any local phone number as your app identity. Those who like to keep their phone numbers private will find this helpful. 

TextPlus can be used for communication by people who need a secondary number for their business. People can download the app to stay in touch with their relatives when going overseas.

Users of textPlus can use the app on a tablet or Laptop since a sim card is not necessary. Because this application utilizes WiFi, mobile plans can be cheaper.

Pocket friendly

textPlus is a pocket-friendly social application. You can send unlimited messages for free. textPlus for PC also allows you to send GIFs and voicemails for free. Calling within US and Canada is free. However, they charge a minimum amount to call in any other country. 

Communicating through textPlus is way cheaper than any other phone service and Skype. Because you do not require an active sim card, you can save money on mobile plans. Users can also save money by earning free calling minutes on the application.

Customizable themes, ringtones

textPlus for PC enables you to customize your ringtone, text tone, and vibration. You can select a specific ringtone for a particular person’s call. In the same way, selecting text-tone for specific people is also allowed by textPlus. 

You also have the option to select themes for your chat. You can choose from around 200+ personalized themes. This will enable you to give a fresher look to your app.

Alternatives of textPlus 


Telegram for PC is a cloud-based instant messaging service that can connect over Wi-Fi or mobile data to speak. You can send messages to other users, share files and media, and run groups with up to 200,000 members. The messenger also enables video calling, Voice over IP calling, and other features. 

End-to-end encryption is used in the talks to ensure confidentiality. Telegram can be downloaded through Microsoft Store or directly from telegram’s official website.

The social application is free to download and use. Windows 7 or higher are required to download Telegram on PC.


The texting program WhatsApp from Meta is free. More than 180 countries and more than 2 billion people use it. You can effortlessly stay in touch with your friends and family because it is straightforward, dependable, and confidential. WhatsApp is free and operates on desktop, mobile, and sluggish connections. 

Your private calls and communications to loved ones are end-to-end encrypted. Even WhatsApp cannot read or listen to your private messages.

You can download Whatsapp for PC from Microsoft Store for free. Windows 10 or higher are required for downloading the social application.


Tango for Windows is a free mobile video communications app. It connects you with friends and family so you can easily record and share the little moments of your day.

The application enables you to experience high-quality audio and video calls. You can look up friends of friends using Tango’s social features. 

Also, you can play games with your Tango pals, share music, and look for fantastic entertainment. Windows 7 or above and 5GB of free disk space are required to download Tango. Tango for PC download is available for free on Bluestacks.

Google Hangouts

Using the free social and messaging software Google Hangouts, you may speak in groups over video chats while exchanging emojis.

You can have a free video call with up to ten contacts, hold group conversations, and send messages to people even when they aren’t online. 

You may access Google Hangouts by downloading the program or using the Chrome extension on your computer.

Google Chat and Meet are condensed versions of the Hangouts application. Google Hangouts for PC may be downloaded without charge via MEmu. Google Hangouts can be downloaded with Windows 7 or above and 2GB of memory.


With the help of the free texting and calling app Freetone, you may establish relationships with your friends, family, coworkers, and other people.

It lets users send messages and make free calls to landlines and mobile lines. For now, it is only providing this free service to Americans. 

This program also offers premium calling and texting services at a very affordable cost. You are given a new US or Canadian phone number that you can use to call other US and Canadian lines.

Downloading Freetone is free; however, in-app purchases are available. Freetone is compatible with Windows 7 or higher.


Is textPlus available for Free?

textPlus is free to download. However, to enjoy an ad-free experience, you can buy a premium subscription.

Is textPlus available for Mac?

textPlus can be downloaded on Mac for free. However, your system should meet the minimum requirements.

Is textPlus Safe to Use?

textPlus is safe to use. It does not involve anything that can cause viruses to your PC. It neither leaks your information to other third-party organizations.

Is textPlus available for Windows 10 & 11?

textPlus for PC download is available on Windows 10 and 11 using an Android emulator such as Blustacks.


textPlus for PC is the finest texting and calling application. Although textPlus is free to download, in-app purchases are available to remove ads. It is a proven economic benefit because you don’t need a sim card to use this app. 

Users may download it from Bluestacks or Nox Player for free. Windows 7 or later are required for the smooth functioning of the app. I hope this article helped you to know more about textPlus.


textPlus is a communication app trusted by many users. People find the delete feature helpful as private, confidential messages can be deleted from the interface. 

Calling worldwide has enabled many people going abroad to connect with their families. textPlus is an economic application. Sharing music and video files is easy with textPlus for PC. 

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