HexaTech VPN for PC – Windows 10,11

HexaTech VPN for PC is a one-stop solution for accessing and securing content privately on your devices. Developed by Betternet co., it is now known as Ultra VPN – Unlimited VPN Proxy.

A VPN allows you to change the location of your IP address virtually. HexaTech is the best VPN app available for free on Windows and Mac. Although the app is for Android and iOS, you can download the app using an Android emulator. 

Users who want to access content over the internet privately must download HexaTech. It offers web tracker blocking, secure browsing, and other useful tools. Read on to find out more about the HexaTech VPN app for PC. 

HexaTech VPN for pc

HexaTech VPN Specifications


HexaTech VPN ( Ultra VPN)




Windows 11,10,8,7, Vista Mac OS 10,11 (Android 5.0 and above)

Language English
Security This app is secure. It does not share any data with third parties
Downloads 1,000,000+ downloads

Features of HexaTech VPN

The app is loaded with general and unique features missing from the alternatives. These world-class features meet all VPN user needs. Read further to find out more about these excellent features:

Unblock any site or app

HexaTech VPN provides unlimited access to almost all apps and websites at a very high speed. The app allows you to change your IP address to remove border restrictions.

Some apps and websites like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon are generally unavailable for every region. Due to location restrictions, you cannot access these websites therefore, this app will provide access by using the mask IP address. If you are fond of reading and watching content from other regions this app is for you.

Military Grade encryption

The app ensures no data leakage using military-grade encryption. The encryption feature provides personal information security from various cyber criminals.
Some other features include high-grade security offered by no other commodity. HexaTech VPN for PC warns users from visiting any website that might be a threat to users’ privacy. No other app has such military-grade encryption making it more popular among people concerned about their privacy.

Malicious site blocking

With this app, malicious site blocking is straightforward and effective. The app resolves the issue of redirecting to malicious sites. HexaTech VPN for PC securely identifies malicious sites and stops cybercriminals from using personal information inappropriately.

Many VPNs available in the market redirect users to malicious websites, which results in installing some malware or sometimes even corrupts the system. This feature is a blessing for users who generally fall for these websites and comprise their data unknowingly.

Passwatch and Dark web scan

The Passwatch is another excellent feature of this app. With this password manager tool, you can protect your data and accounts from cybercriminals. The app saves your passwords, autofill the contents, and suggests strong passwords.
HexaTech VPN for PC also has a dark web scanner that takes care of your privacy even in dark web browsing. With this, the app will search, track and notify about any abnormal activity. These security features ensure no chance of a breach of your privacy.

Anonymous Browsing

Another amazing feature of this app is anonymous browsing, exclusive to some limited VPN services. However,  all VPN service providers claim that they provide anonymous browsing, but as cache data, they store your browsing history. 

HexaTech VPN for PC allows you to browse anonymously and hide your location and identity by providing a new IP address. The new IP address masks the user’s original IP address and also disables cookies; therefore there are no chances for your browsing data tracing.

Alternatives of HexaTech VPN

Nord VPN

Nord VPN developed by Nord security is a giant in this industry. The app has more than 14 million users worldwide. The Double VPN feature, a chain arrangement that provides multiple VPN servers in a single session ensures better security.

The app takes care of unwanted ads while browsing the web. The servers of Nord VPN are located in Panama, free from all kinds of surveillance. Nord VPN ensures minimal data logging and does not store any sensitive information.

Express VPN

The Express VPN app for PC provides Military grade encryption and a large network of servers. A Network kill switch feature is also available in this app that prevents users from making unprotected connections. 

Leak protection and split tunneling are some features that are available exclusively in VPN apps. The app offers the largest worldwide network coverage and networks from more than 94 countries. It follows high encryption standards and is one of the few VPN apps that work even in China.


Surf Shark offers 24/7 support for customer queries, where the user can chat with the cyber security expert anytime. With a good user rating on the Google play store, it is used by many as an alternative to HexaTech VPN for PC.

The app works on the idea of a clean web and ensures there are minimum ads while browsing. It also has one of the best bypassers in the industry and allows some apps and websites to bypass the VPN. SurfShark has various modes such as Camouflage and NoBorders modes for privacy protection.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

The Private Internet Access app was released in 2013 and trusted by its users for around a decade. An exclusive feature of the app is the Email Breach monitor, which allows users to see if their email address is affected by any security breach. It gives users a sense of security that their data is secured.

Private Internet Access is open-source software that offers the most secure and transparent VPN service. It offers easy configuration for users who are not well versed in the working of VPN apps.

CyberGhost VPN

Using the CyberGhost VPN you will get 24/7 customer support in English, French, and Romanian. The app provides customer service for most of the globe, exclusive to very few apps in this industry. Some other state-of-the-art features like WireGuard and Strong killswitch are exclusive to this app. 

The app offers you a 45-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the working of the app. It has a dedicated streaming server and a WiFi protection system. The size of the app is 31.18 MB which is not too much.

Frequently asked questions

Is HexaTech VPN available for free?

Yes, HexaTech VPN is free, no additional fee is required for the installation. Mac users can download the app from the Apple App store and Android users can download it from the Google play store. 

Is HexaTech VPN available for Mac?

 HexaTech VPN is unavailable for Mac OS directly but you can download it by using the trick mentioned in this article. You can download the app using any Android emulator such as Bluestacks and MemuPlayer.

Is HexaTech VPN safe to use?

Yes, HexaTech VPN is a safe-to-use app and can pass any antivirus test, and is risk-free. There is no threat to user data, and the user identity is secure under this app.

Is HexaTech VPN available for windows 10,11?

HexaTech VPN is unavailable for windows 10,11 directly from the Microsoft app store but Windows users can install it by using any Android emulator such as Bluestacks and Androidly.


Overall, HexaTech VPN for PC is one of the best VPN services available for windows. After reading this article you must be aware of all the features of this app such as Passwatch and dark web scan.

I hope after reading this you can download and install the HexaTech VPN app on your PC. Considering its other alternatives, although they have very similar features, some features are available on HexaTech VPN.

So if you are looking for a good and easy-to-use VPN app, you should go for HexaTech VPN for PC.

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