Back then only computers are concern regarding an OS, but now, with the emergence and rise of other devices – iPads, smartphones – this is no longer the case.

It’s confusing enough already to choose which OS is best for your PC or laptop. If you aren’t familiar with basic information regarding these devices I think it’s high time that you catch up, ‘cause the change you see now is just getting started.

That’s exactly what we’re offering here at It’s Better with Windows: information.

Now, now, just because our name goes like that doesn’t mean we’re bias in favor of anything Windows. That isn’t the case here. That isn’t the case here at all.

We understand that there are sites out there that are only dedicated to a single product. Here? We’ll cover everything governing OS.

We’ll tell you the latest trend. Which OS is currently on top? And not just in the computer department, but in all other devices as well. However, the articles that will be released once or twice a week will focus only on a single device.

This is to laser-focus the information on a single topic and to not cause confusion among our readers. Besides, we can always write one for other devices. Just post a comment on one of our articles or message us directly which ones you want us to cover. Granted that we’ll still have to review your request – one of our principles here is to publish pieces that are currently making noise in the OS community – but we’ll do what we can to provide you with what you need.

As it stands, iOS, Android, and Microsoft are among the three giants that are slugging it out. One might be conquering the PC sector while the other may be the ruler of the mobile world. Either way, we’ll try to bring you the details why these guys are on top and are staying on top.

But we will not always be sticking with our principles. Sometimes we like to hop out of our comfort zone and cover things that are related to OS. We might write about companies behind them. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Which are leading in what country? Are there any partnerships that they’re shaking hands with that may change the entire competition altogether?

If it’s going to affect the quality and community of operating system, best believe that it’s going to end up here. We understand that this industry is dynamic. Popularity is shifting every few months. That’s why it’s imperative that our pieces here are as current as possible.

Other aspects beyond this niche that is being affected by OS are also going to be covered. Which OS is best for your business, for instance?

All of this and more is what you’ll expect from us. If you want to hear the latest trend in operating system, just head on over and check out the latest piece we’ve published. I’m sure you’ll pick up something worth your time. Get in touch because we welcome a healthy debate about our topics.

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