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Township for PC, a casual farming and city-building game, is developed by Playrix. The app aims to increase the size and utility of a virtual community.

Players begin with a limited supply of commodities and building supplies. Township enables you to create a farm and a small town where you may expand your farming operation into a food and entertainment powerhouse. Between the building and maintenance jobs, there are mini-games.

Township is a multiplayer game where you can connect with your Facebook friends to play with them. You can download the app for free from Microsoft Store. Continue reading the article to learn more about Township for PC.


Township for PC Specifications




1.55 GB


Windows 8/10/11

Language English
Security Virus free
Downloads 248 million+

Features of Township for PC 

Build your dream city: 

Create the city of your imagination with Township for PC. You can develop any buildings, factories, and decorations you like.

The layout of your town depends on your imagination. Give your town a unique name and buckle up to build your creative, dreamy town. 

Before using the Township Community Building, you should be on level five. After that, you can construct the building and grow your town’s population.

Additionally, constructing factories and community buildings increase XP and helps you move to different levels. A maximum population of 24,355 persons is now possible in the game because of the availability of 73 community buildings.

Raise livestock: 

At the game’s start, utilize the sheep and cows to generate goods and fulfill orders. Eventually, there will be more animals available.

The livestock-produced commodities are stored in the barn, which has a small capacity. The game allows for an increase in the barn’s capacity.

Reaching level 24 will allow you to restore the zoo, a unique building. To construct animal cages and zoo equipment, you must enter the zoo via bus or zoo board. Using a bus or zoo order will take you to your neighbors’ zoos.

Manage crops: 

With the help of this feature, you may set up fields and crops according to the population of your town. The few crops that a player harvests are wheat, corn, carrots, potatoes, sugarcane, cocoa, tomatoes, rubber, silk, strawberries, rice, and pepper. These crops are stored in the barn and used to make products in the factory and complete orders. 

Completing orders gives you currency and experience points. Real-time crop growth, however, takes more time.The speed of growing crops can be increased using T-cash, which is available in limited amounts in the game. Real money can be used to get more T-cash.

Complete orders: 

Township enables you to deliver orders via train, chopper, or plane. One of the quickest methods to make money is through completing orders.

The crops cultivated in the fields and the processed products made in factories are sent to the customers. By fulfilling tasks for the locals with a helicopter, players earn gold and experience points. 

If the airplane is not sent within 15 hours, it is automatically sent, and you won’t receive any rewards. It is essential to maintain town citizen order for further facility construction.

Checking the map periodically and completing any outstanding orders is one of the most crucial aspects of developing in Township.

Ancient artifacts: 

Using 3,000 coins, you can fix the mine after you reach level 21. Mine takes a day and a half to fix. You will receive 128 XP after fixing the mine. Once you’ve finished building the mine, you can move it anywhere on your land.

You can find dirt, stone, and rocks in the mine with picks, dynamite, and TNT. The players can acquire these with the help of cash, zoo decks, or trains.

With each artifact found in the mine, you come one step closer to completing a collection at the museum. There are only three of each artifact; locating one will get you T-cash.

Alternatives of Township for pc

My Sunny Resort: 

My Sunny Resort for PC is a casual simulation game developed by Upjers. The free browser-based simulation game tests your ability to transform the sandy beach into the ideal Resort.

Your objective is to offer every amenity a visitor would need while on vacation. Assistants to run your busy Resort unlock at level 8. 

Although it is a single-player game, players can form online co-ops. My Sunny Resort supports 15 languages, including English, German, and Spanish. In-app purchases are offered even if the game can be downloaded for free. My Sunny Resort download requires Windows 10 or later. 

Farm Ville: 

Farm Ville for PC is a series of social network games developed by Zenga. The fundamental components of the game include many maps, a tonne of resources, the ability to acquire additional crops, character customization, and fun background music. 

The player’s adventure begins with a piece of empty land and a few other players. The players can converse with each other within the game.

Although Farm Ville is free to play, spending Farm Cash, which is bought with real money, is encouraged to advance through the game more rapidly.

Farm Ville 2: Country Escape: 

FarmVille 2 for PC is a role-playing simulator developed by Zynga. FarmVille 2 is a multiplayer game that currently has 42.4 million active users.

Join a Farm Co-Op to exchange goods, engage in trading, and go on Farm Adventures to gather unusual items. The anonymous mode is used to play the game alone. 

Although the game is free, there are in-app purchases for more content and in-game money. The farming simulator can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.

It is advised to read the privacy policy to get details about how Zeynga uses your personal information. FarmVille 2 is accessible anytime, anyplace, even without an internet connection.

Little big farm: 

Little Big Farm for PC is a strategy and management game where you can take charge of a farm. Innovation Drive Studios developed this fantastic offline game.

Like other farming simulation games, this game allows players to construct their farms and produce and harvest crops. The user can even raise animals to acquire milk and meat.

Different gameplay types, simple controls, making new friends, and a lot more are all included in Little Big Farm. 

Little Big Fram is a single-player game that can be downloaded on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac through an android emulator. 

Harvest moon: 

Harvest moon is a strategic simulation game developed by Appci Inc. In this single-player game, the player is a young child character who can begin his adventure to care for his father’s farm, who is absent. 

The player’s ultimate goal is to revive farming by raising various crops. It enables the user to set daily goals for fishing, farming, foraging, etc.

A compatible emulator is required to download harvest moon. The best game comparable to Hay Day is Harvest Moon.



Is Township for PC available for free?

Although the Township download is free, you might be tempted to make in-app purchases.

Is Township for PC available for mac?

You may download Township on Mac. Township for Mac requires Mac OS 10.10 or later at a minimum.

Is Township for PC safe to use?

The use of Township is entirely secure. No other software, such as spyware, malware, or other unwanted programs, might affect your computer.

Is Township for PC available on Windows 10 & 11?

Township for pc can be downloaded on Windows 10 & 11 through Microsoft Store or an Android emulator.


Township for PC is a casual farming simulator where you can construct cities and cultivate crops. Discover old artifacts and resources by exploring the mine. Manage your zoo and gather creatures from all around the world. 

Moreover, it is a multiplayer game where you can connect with your Facebook friends. This farming simulator can be downloaded on Windows 10 through Microsoft Store. Although it is a free game, in-game purchases are available. 



Township for pc is a good PC game with excellent aesthetics and well-thought-out objectives. The game isn’t in 3D or any other fancy format. It has a cheerful appearance that avoids appearing generic. 

It performed exceptionally well on weakly powered PCs over the testing time. But if you see a friend playing it on Facebook, you’ll undoubtedly have fun if you join in as well. 

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