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PUBG for PC, which stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is an action shooter game developed by PUBG studios. Every game in PUBG starts with each player jumping out of a plane.

To avoid being eliminated early, players must race to collect weapons and armor before their rivals do once they have landed.

40 GB storage and Windows 10 is the minimum requirement to download PUBG. Pubg is free to download; however, in-app purchases are available.

The action-packed, massively multiplayer game contains violence and thus is unsuitable for kids. To learn more about PUBG for PC, continue reading the post.


PUBG for PC Specifications




30 GB


Windows 10, 8GB RAM

Language English
Security Secure application
Downloads 75 Million+

Features of Pubg for PC


PUBG for PC is an online multiplayer game. In the player vs. player shooting game PUBG, up to 100 people compete in a battle royale to see who can survive the longest. A player may enter the match individually, as a pair, or as a member of a small team of up to four people. 

The team members can discuss their plan of action for the game. The players in a team can lend or borrow weapons and clothes inside the match.

Communicate with other players:

In-game team voice chat, proximity voice chat, and text chat are all available in PUBG. Thanks to proximity voice technology, 100 game participants can hear each other speak in real-time. The only condition is to be close to one another in the game’s virtual environment. 

Team chat enables players within the team to talk to each other. A Push to talk mic is also available in PUBG, which functions only when you hold it. PUBG also has command options for a player to communicate with teammates.

Royal pass:

The primary method for players to earn rewards in the game is through the Royale Pass. Completing the Daily and Weekly missions help to increase the score and earn rewards.

Collect Royale Points through missions, items, and crates to advance in rank and receive rewards. Royal Pass is priced at 600 UC, initially purchased with real money.

Players will get higher rewards and advance more quickly after purchasing through elite tasks. Elite Pass holders will have access to Elite Missions to rank up more quickly. It offers 25 ranks at a 40% discount over Elite Pass while including everything that Elite Pass has to offer.

Variety of maps:

Players can drop into various locations, from balmy islands in Southeast Asia to cold tundras in Eastern Europe. PUBG allows users to select a map on which they want to compete with fellow players. Arena maps are much smaller and are utilized for minor team/solo-based game modes. 

Battle royale maps are more extensive, start at 2×2 km, and can grow as much as 8×8 km. PUBG Battlegrounds has no shortage of levels, with eight maps, including Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and many others. Each map has a different time limit and loot. PUBG consistently adds new maps.

Daily and weekly missions:

In essence, PUBG Missions are tasks for which you have a specific amount of time to finish. Daily and weekly missions are released in PUBG for PC. They may be accomplished to raise your royal pass score and gain rewards. 

You can quickly fulfill your daily missions throughout the season using the “Royale pass mission card.” Four daily missions are available on PUBG, and completing each mission increases your Royal Pass points. The daily missions are only available for 72 hours.

Alternatives of PUBG

Call of Duty:

Call of Duty for PC is an action-packed game developed by Infinity Ward. Play as a trained force that lays down cover fire and rescues its injured. Each soldier’s unique personality and training are evident on the battlefield, in addition to natural squad motions and tactics. 

Numerous multiplayer options include CoD Black Ops, a 5v5 deathmatch, and a 100-player battle royale version. Both low-cost and high-end gadgets are compatible with it. Call of Duty is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. The sole disadvantage of CoD is that it has a smaller community than PUBG. 

Free Fire: 

Free Fire is an action-packed survival shooting game. The multiplayer game drops you on a secluded island with 49 other players.

Your goal is to survive until the very end. Before moving near the safe zone, choose where the match will start and gather as many weapons as possible. 

Free fire can be downloaded for free from an android emulator like Bluestacks. By 2021, there were more than 150 million daily active users of Free Fire. The controls of Free Fire are simple to use, and the graphics are smooth.


Fortnite for PC is an adventurous game developed by Epic Games, where 100 players are sent for an online face-off challenge. Young people continue to play and discuss Fortnite as one of the most popular games.

By battling other players, gamers in Fortnite work together to survive in an open-world setting. Fighting off zombie-like monsters is part of the single-player or cooperative (friends-only) “Save the World” game. The online action shooter game can be downloaded from an Android emulator for free.

Battle royale strike survival: 

Battle Royal Strike Survival is a game set in an animated-style world developed by The Commander. You must form your squad to participate in battle, much like PubG.

The competitors, restricted to 20, can acquire weapons by showcasing their skills on the battlefield. The gripping live-action shooter game is all about making it out alive. 

Excellent weapons like snipers, grenades, handguns and machines are available in over 21 all-new battleground environments. The 3D game offers the freest prizes. The action-packed game can be downloaded for free on your PC through an Android emulator.


Creative Destruction, formerly Fortcraft, is a Battle royale game developed by Titan Studio. The 16 million square meter map for Creative Destruction has 13 brand-new sceneries.

You can move around and break up anything you choose to use for your needs with your favorite hammer, including automobiles, buildings, and other objects.

In-game chat, live broadcasting, and ranked season features are all included in Creative Destruction. Creative Destruction is a multiplayer game that can be downloaded for free through Bluestacks.


Is PUBG for PC available for Free?

PUBG for PC download is available for free. There are optional in-game purchases available.

Is PUBG available for Mac?

Although macOS does not allow downloading PUBG, you can download it on Mac with the help of third-party programs.

Is PUBG safe to use?

India banned PUBG because of privacy concerns, as claims suggested that PUBG shared data with China. Battlegrounds Mobile India was released by Krafton to safeguard players’ privacy and ensure its security.

Is PUBG available for Windows 10 & 11?

PUBG for PC download is free for Windows 10 and 11 only when the system meets specific requirements.


PUBG for PC is an online multiplayer game where 100 players compete alone or in teams. The victorious team or players get to celebrate “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.”

It has over 75 million downloads and is compatible with Windows 10 and 11. You can use it on a Mac using third-party programs.

PUBG has faced criticism due to privacy concerns. Still, because of its passionate player community, the game remains among the most well-liked and influential titles in the battle royale genre.


PUBG for PC is the most downloaded action game in India. You’re in for the ultimate gaming experience with PUBG. The game comes with High-quality audio and Ultra High Definition visuals. 

Fast matchmaking and game entry are made possible by PUBG. This game has excellent assistance and support, and the developer often releases new versions.

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