Download MyDlink Lite on PC Windows 10 & 11 & MAC

Mydlink for PC is an innovative program that enables users to manage numerous cameras from distant locations. The goal of Mydlink is to make home monitoring simple. As a result, people can keep a check on their children, pets, house, and priced possessions. Any Internet-connected computer or mobile device can access your live camera video anytime.

You can communicate with the person on the other side of the gadget using the two-way audio feature. Downloading Mydlink is free through an android emulator on Windows 10 & 11. This article provides you with detailed information on Mydlink for PC, along with its alternatives.

Mydlink for PC Specifications






Windows OS, Mac OS

Language English
Security Secure 
Downloads 1M+

Features of Mydlink for PC 

Two-way Audio:

The most prominent feature of the app is its two-way audio that aids you in communicating with the individual using the device.

Built-in microphone and speaker enable you to talk to your family members while viewing them. The Ulta High Definition cameras are used to see real-time videos of anyone, anytime.

Their built-in speakers and microphones, a steady power supply, and a Wi-Fi connection allow real-time, two-way audio.

Click the microphone button on the left-bottom corner of the Live View screen. You may then hear what you say through the camera’s speaker on your smartphone or tablet.

Works with Google Assistant and Alexa:

The new Mydlink ecosystem also groups devices under a single app, expanding the potential for intelligent automation. The one-tap functionality allows consumers to control various devices and combines several actions into scenarios. 

Because Mydlink works with third parties to support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT, it can accommodate every intelligent homeowner’s needs.

Users can now control their Mydlink Cameras, and Mydlink Smart Plugs with Google Assistant. Need to turn off the lights and the curling iron? Combining and turning various appliances on and off with One-Tap is simple, whether at home or away.

Schedule Tasks:

Tasks can be scheduled using Mydlink for PC. You may program your sound system to wake you up in the morning, switch off your TV when you go to bed, or make sure your desk lamps aren’t left on at work. 

The convenient Mydlink Home app will allow you to switch your appliances on or off quickly. Moreover, it lets you alter your power schedules on the go, so you won’t have to worry about leaving something on when you’re gone. With Mydlink Scheduling, everything is feasible.

Monitor Power Consumption:

With automated alerts sent to your mobile device, you can now monitor appliance power usage instantaneously. You can track exactly how much energy your device consumes and average and peak energy use over time in simple-to-read energy charts that you can filter by day, week, month, and year. 

Devices that use more power than specified thresholds can be turned off automatically. You can intelligently control your power consumption with the aid of Mydlink.

The feature of the application helps you save the environment and your money by minimizing power usage.

Cloud recording:

Cloud recording is a paid feature of Mydlink. You can upload photos and video clips captured with Mydlink cameras to the cloud for anytime access.

For conventional self-installed IP cameras, you usually have to record your footage to a MicroSD card which is not entirely impervious to tampering. 

A hostile person may easily remove the MicroSD card or even the entire camera. You would then lose the recording footage.

Cloud recording, however, immediately stores the footage in a cloud server. Even if the camera is stolen or damaged, you may check the recorded video because it is stored on the cloud.

Alternatives of Mydlink for PC 


The top alternative for Mydlink is iSpy for PC. The intricacies that set the software apart from rivals include facial recognition and detecting changes in lighting and noise.

For personal and local usage, the software is free. However, using iSpy for business is paid. 

Running 4 cameras should be more than possible on a modern PC with 2GB of RAM and 200 GB of spare hard disc space.

iSpy can be downloaded for free on Windows 10, Linux, and Mac. It’s simple to get started with iSpy; you only need a webcam or IP camera that is networked or connected to your computer. 


Ivideon is an excellent app for security cameras, video recording on DVRs and NVRs, remote video monitoring, and video surveillance.

The application will give you access to recordings stored locally or in the Ivideon cloud, along with event notifications, enabling you to monitor events while you’re away. 

If you want to use Ivideon for free, you can activate the Freemium plan, which entitles you to a free remote watch of the live feed and the local archive for the last eight hours.

Only one camera per account may use this plan. You can choose paid programs to enjoy the premium features of Ivideon.

Web Camera Pro 

Webcam Pro is a surveillance application published by eSafe solutions. The software uses artificial intelligence to identify and recognize people and objects, including facial recognition and intelligent motion detection, which only activates when necessary. 

By taking one frame per second, the time-lapse mode enables effective compression. It reduces the need for equipment and storage space.

Webcam Pro download is free on Windows 10 through the Microsoft store. However, all premium features can be unlocked using real money.

Foscam Pro 

Foscam for PC is software enabling you to remotely control the CCTV cameras. The application enables two-way audio, video recording, and image capture for all Foscam HD and SD cameras. 

The developers declare that no data is shared with third parties, confirming that it is a safe and secure app. The software is a widely trusted IP security camera provider having 1M+ downloads.

Although Foscam Pro is free to download, cloud video recording is a paid feature.

iCam 365

An app for home security monitoring called iCam365 connects and controls network cameras. It also includes cloud storage, audio intercom, real-time video watching, and AI person detection. 

There are in-app purchases available even though downloading it is free. The software can be downloaded on Windows 8,10 & 11 using an android emulator. 


Is Mydlink for PC available for free?

Although Mydlink can be downloaded for free, in-app purchases are available to unlock the premium features. 

Is Mydlink for PC available for mac?

Only Mac OS is supported by Mydlink. Before accessing the  Mydlink cloud services, ensure your operating system and browser are supported.

Is Mydlink for PC safe to use?

There aren’t any additional programs, such as spyware, malware, or other unwanted programs, that could damage your computer.

Is Mydlink for PC available for Windows 10 & 11?

Mydlink for PC download is available on Windows 10 & 11 through an android emulator such as Bluestacks.


Mydlink for PC makes controlling your smart home more intelligent, easier, and compatible. You may turn appliances on and off, receive a notification when motion and sound are detected, and see your home monitoring cameras in real-time. 

Did you forget to turn off the light? Use Mydlink to carry it out, all with the ease of a single tap. The cloud storage of the software can be used to store these live graphics.


Mydlink is an easy-to-use application. Superb motion sensor, and with the app, you may playback footage when a motion is detected and receive notifications to your smartphone. 

Encrypted broadcasts are now available because they help secure the camera. Adding person recognition is also helpful because it allows you to easily distinguish between individuals in your home and basic movements.

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