IVMS 4500 for PC, Windows 10, 11 Free Download

IVMS 4500 for PC is a surveillance app developed by HikVision. With this app, you can remotely monitor your home and office. The app works with HikVision brand security cameras and provides a live feed from the camera to your screen.

Using IVMS 4500, you can record videos and take snapshots with a stable WiFi connection. On 15 February 2022, HikVision’s official website gave a notice leading to the discontinuation of this app. However, you can still use the app if you have it on your mobile phone. 

The app replaces the IVMS 4500 for PC and is available for download using an Android emulator.

IVMS 4500 for pc

IVMS 4500 for PC Specifications


IVMS 4500 for PC


46.3 MB


Android 4.1 and above 

Language 10+
Security Safe to use app
Downloads 10,000,000+ 

Features of IVMS 4500 for PC

The IVMS 4500 for PC comes with all the essential features which you expect from a remote surveillance app. 

Remote Surveillance

With this app, you can remotely monitor your home and workplace. The app offers full HD video streaming if you have a stable WiFi network. Remote surveillance also allows you to capture videos and take snapshots.

The IVMS 4500 for PC works on HiDDNs, a Dynamic Domain service. The HiDDNs provide a unique domain address to all camera devices.

You can connect your camera to the app by entering the domain address. If you have children or pets, you can keep a check on them by using this feature.

PTZ Control Mode and Auto Tracking

PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. The PTZ feature can move the camera up and down, left and right, giving a clear view of any movement at your place. Using this function, you can move the camera for a 360 view.

The app also has an auto-tracking feature that enables the camera to track preset objects autonomously. The Zoom-in feature allows you to pinch and zoom using two fingers or the zoom control option. You can turn on the PTZ mode by enabling it from the camera setup tab.

Save Video to Local and Cloud Storage

The IVMS 4500 for PC allows you to save the camera videos remotely to your local and cloud device storage. The HikVision cameras allow P2P cloud storage to store the recordings. Users can register on the website and get a cloud storage account.

The app also allows you to export the recording to other devices and social media apps. You can share the recording and snapshots using the share feature. With cloud storage, you can view the old recordings even on a new device.

E-mail Alert System

Sometimes, you are busy and unable to watch the live camera feed. In such situations, your property is prone to intrusion.

The Email alert system in the app is a savior for such situations. The app sends a push notification via email to grab your attention. 

Apart from this, the app also has an audio alert system and full-screen surveillance on motion detection. The LiveGuard is an output alarm system.

Using this feature, the camera warns the trespassers using sound and light. The app also has a two-way audio feature to talk to the other person on the other side of the screen.

Management of up to 256 camera devices

Using the IVMS 4500 for PC, you can manage up to 256 devices. Previously there were only 100 devices, but the 2020 update took it to 256.  You can view up to 16 camera feeds on your screen at a time. 

The app also allows you to mark feeds as your favorites. Your favorite feeds are visible to you at all times. You can also create a group where the cameras that show the footage of a particular area are in a group together. Example – the garden, parking area, etc.

Alternatives of IVMS 4500

TinyCam Monitor

The TinyCam monitor is one of the best remote surveillance, control, and recording apps. Some other features include two-way audio, available only in a few surveillance apps. AI object detection and face detection are some unique features of this app.

The Pro version offers streaming to Android TV and other devices through Chromecast. With this app, you can get alerts on your Android wear app to get an alert on your smartwatches. The app has more than 10 million downloads, hence popular among users.

OWLR Multi Brand IP Camera Viewer

Using the OWLR Multi Brand IP Camera Viewer, unlike other surveillance apps, you can connect to cameras from many brands. The app can function as a pet monitor, baby monitor,  front and back door monitor, etc.

Various features such as Camera auto-discovery, Public Webcam enable you to connect to public cameras. Using this feature, you can see traffic light cameras in your area to check traffic before leaving for work. The app secures your camera by suggesting secure passwords so others cannot access the feed.

IP CamController

The IP CamController lets you control your camera from your mobile device. The sensor mode in the app allows you to change the camera’s view by moving the device to the desired location.

There is also an overlay feature available in the app. It allows you to view the camera feed while using other apps. It is compatible with all major cameras. With the Tap to center feature, you can adjust the camera by tapping on the screen. The paid version of the app removes all the ads in the app.

D-Guard Mobile

The D-Guard mobile is the new name for the Seventh D-Guard surveillance app. Using this app, you can view live images from a camera connected to compatible servers. The app allows the registration of unlimited servers for a single user.

The app has the option to view the footage in different resolutions. With this app, you get an automatic forwarding feature for unreachable IPs. There is a D-Cloud app that stores the recordings for this app. Using the app, you can view up to 8 cameras simultaneously to keep a check on all parts of your property.

SightHound Video

SightHound is the next-generation remote surveillance app with amazing features. Unlike other surveillance apps, it detects people and tracks them. The smart alert feature allows you to get push notifications for any activity in the camera as per your preferences.

The app also has a clip search feature for clips from a particular date and time. The SightHound app is easy to install and has a quick setup by which you can use the app within 30 seconds of downloading.

Frequently asked questions

Is IVMS 4500  available for free?

No, IVMS 4500 is not available for download, but when this app was available, it was free. The new Hik-Connect app, the replacement for this app, is also free.

Is IVMS 4500  available for Mac?

IVMS 4500 was unavailable for Mac OS directly. Still, earlier users could download the app using any Android emulator, such as Bluestacks and MemuPlayer.

Is IVMS 4500  safe to use?

Yes, IVMS 4500  is a safe-to-use app and can pass any antivirus test, and is risk-free. There is no threat to your data, and your identity is secure under this app as this app was earlier available on app stores.

Is IVMS 4500  available for windows 10,11?

IVMS 4500  is directly unavailable from the Microsoft app store for Windows 10 and 11. Still, Windows users can install it using any Android emulator, such as Bluestacks and Androidly.


The IVMS 4500 for PC is still one of the best surveillance apps. Although the app makers on 15 February 2022 have announced its discontinuation. But all the features of this app are also available in the new Hik-Connect app for PC.

By reading this article, you must be aware of all the app’s features. No other app offers all the features available in this app for free. Even after discontinuation of the app, many users still rely on the IVMS 4500 for PC for the security of their property and loved ones.

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