Download Golf Clash for PC (Windows 11 & 10)

Golf Clash for PC is a competitive multiplayer game developed by Electronic Arts. Golf tournaments, 1v1 matches, and challenges against players worldwide await you as you tee off on gorgeous courses! Explore dozens of distinctive golf courses, with new courses added each month. 

As you improve your golfing abilities, you may unlock tours and upgrade your clubs in your quest to become the Golf Clash King.

The online game can be downloaded for free using Bluestacks. Windows 7 or above and 5GB of disk space are required to download the online golf game. To learn more about Golf Clash for PC, continue reading the article.


Golf clash for PC Specifications


Golf Clash


5 GB


Windows 8/10/11

Language English
Security Safe
Downloads 80 million+

Features of Golf Clash for PC

Real-time multiplayer

The game allows you to compete in real-time in 1v1 tournaments against actual gamers worldwide. Throughout the game, you can converse with other players in the chat room, exchange match or shot replays, and collaborate with your teammates to earn clan prizes. 

Thousands of people are ready to participate in the game, searching for a rival for their position or a way to advance the ladder and reach the top.

You can challenge up to 8 players at once. Additionally, you’ll be able to compete against your Facebook pals and win bragging rewards.

Unique golf courses

Golf Clash offers many stunning golf courses, which intrigue the gameplay. Here, players can choose and play on the course they prefer the most with ease.

With new courses regularly introduced, Golf Clash has everything from dunes to magnificent forts, icy parks, and upscale links.

You must improve your golfing skills to “raise the stakes” as you proceed through challenging circuits and try to become the Golf Clash King.

You can amuse yourself in the game by opening up new, intriguing levels, beautiful, challenging courses, and weather conditions. 


Golf Clash has a leaderboard that ranks participants according to their accomplishments. You move up the leaderboards compared to your friends and other players by winning events and golf tours. 

Also, you will receive in-game gold that you can spend to buy and upgrade to more expensive versions of golf clubs and golf balls.

You receive chests filled with other treasures as a reward for competing in and winning Tours. You may send your friends these rankings by logging into Golf Clash with your Facebook account.

Weekly leagues

You can compete against players from across the globe every week in the Golf Clash weekly league for amazing rewards! There are several divisions in your Golf Clash league, and each can include up to 100 participants. 

You will be placed in the novice division when you first start playing Golf Clash, and you will have to compete for promotions to advance through the divisions.

One thing that must be done for you to advance to the upper divisions is to win! You will place higher in the division based on how many coins you earn weekly.

Chat accessibility

The user can communicate with other clan members in Golf Clash. Golf Clash has a dedicated in-game clan chat channel for each founded clan.

These chat rooms are intended to facilitate communication between clan members, the sharing of tactics, and general discussion. 

Throughout the game, you can converse with other players in the chat room, exchange match or shot replays, and collaborate with teammates to earn clan prizes.

From the main clan menu, you can access clan chat. Click your clan’s icon on the main menu screen to access this. The “Chat” page is then where you can access clan chat.

Alternatives of Golf Clash for PC

Mini golf club

The sports game Mini Golf Club for PC is entertaining but challenging. The program, which combines impressive graphics, precise physics, and easy controls, is suitable for players of all ages. You must make the fewest number of strokes possible to complete the series of holes on a course.

With Mini Golf Club, two or more players can compete against one another from the same device through LAN/System Link or from a different location.

Windows 8.1/ 10 or later are required to get Mini Golf Clash for free. Although the game is free, in-app purchases are possible.


PangYa is an online multiplayer game developed by PangYa Ntreev Soft. The game’s setting is fantasy-themed and has several game modes, such as battle, tournament, and more. When the game first starts, you can select one of the various characters to play as. 

Via customization, you can change your role to suit your preferences. Play a turn-based game, finish each level to move on to the next, and you’ll eventually become a master.

PangYa can be downloaded for free on Windows 7/8/10/11 using Bluestacks. 

Golf Stars

The sports game Golf Stars by Com2Us encourages you to join a global network of millions of virtual golfers. Golf Stars offers up to 15 unique tactics you can utilize on the course to play like a professional golfer.

Become a participant in the weekly World Championship to earn prizes that will improve your game. The online multiplayer golf simulation can be downloaded for free from Bluestacks.

The minimum requirements are Windows 7 or above and 5GB of free disk space.

Mini Golf Buddies

Zoltan Gubics has released Mini Golf Buddies, a 3D, sports, single-player, and multiplayer golf simulation. It is a great golf game for players of all ages. It is accessible on many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and Android. 

In this game, the player attempts to put the ball in the hole within a set amount of time while solving physics-based obstacles.

The essential components of Mini Golf Buddies include many holes, various modes, realistic 3D environments, and customizable characters, among other things. The game features excellent mechanics, vibrant isometric graphics, and superb gameplay.

3D Mini Golf

A single-player and multiplayer golf simulation game called 3D MiniGolf was created by Z-Software GmbH and released by Rokapublish GmbH.

The game has fifty-four challenging holes and is set in a real-world environment. Three diverse situations—beach, campground, and park—are available. 

The difficulty of the game increases as it goes along. Three distinct environments, fifty-four holes, eighteen tournament holes, two modes, and more are among the notable aspects of 3D MiniGolf.

The paid game 3D mini golf is available for download on steam. Windows 7 or later and 1 GB of storage are the minimum requirements.


Is Golf Clash for PC available for free?

Golf Clash is a free online game. However, a player might be tempted by the in-app purchases. 

Is Golf Clash for PC available on mac?

Golf Clash for PC requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later to be downloaded.

Is Golf Clash for PC safe to use?

No spyware, malware, or any undesired programs are included in the game. Hence, the game is safe to use.

Is Golf Clash for PC available on windows 10 & 11?

Golf Clash for pc is available on Windows 8/10/11. However, any pc with Windows 7 or less does not allow the smooth functioning of the game.


Golf Clash for PC features competitive tournaments with stunning courses against players worldwide. You can quickly challenge your Facebook friends or family to play.

Weekly leagues are offered each week, and winning one might earn you incredible gifts! Golf Clash is compatible with Windows 8 or above. The online sports game is free to download on both Windows and macOS.

I hope this article was helpful for you and provided you with detailed information regarding Golf Clash for PC.

Reviews of Golf clash for PC

There has never been a more exciting or addictive game than Golf Clash. The majority of players also appreciate how straightforward and fluid the controls are. 

Suppose you want to show off your dominance and scare rivals who dare to oppose you. In that case, we suggest you download Golf Clash immediately on your Mac or Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 computer.

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