Download Geeni App For PC (Windows 11,10,8,7)

In this article, we’ll explain how to download Geeni App for PC so that you can have maximum convenience in controlling your electronic gadgets wherever you are. Keep reading if you want top-notch home automation in an app!

One-click way’ is one of the prominent statements of the 21st century. Have you ever wondered if this ‘one-click away’ can be a reality for your homes and all the devices within? Well, the Geeni app is the prototype of that thought. The article will cover the necessary steps to download the app on a Windows PC.

Is Geeni available for PC? 

The Geeni app like most others has been developed only for smartphones, thus its official app is unavailable for PCs.The Genni app is on the top of the finance category apps on the google play store. Being advertisements free and no hidden in-app purchases are central to this top title. This popularity has led to the need for a PC version of the app. We cannot simply import the app’s software from a phone as its interface won’t be able to work on the PC and will collapse. Emulators are the answer in such situations.

An emulator is a particular set of hardware or software that enables the guest system’s software    (Geeni app for smartphones) or devices to run on the host system ( the PC). These emulators allow you to download the Geeni app PC version, which has a UI and functions that are largely the same as those available on the phone.

System requirements to install Geeni for PC

  • It’s necessary to download the emulator to install the Geeni App for PC.
  • A dual-processor PC is the first need for both downloads. The processor must be 2GHz or more. 
  • A two-core CPU is very impressive. The minimum requirements for RAM and hard drive size are 2 GB and 20 GB, respectively. Maintaining updated GPU rivers is a good idea. 

After downloading the emulators successfully, we proceed to download the Geeni app as these criteria have been met. For the PC’s security, installing emulators is viable only if the device criteria are met. Additionally, if the gadget cannot support its operation, the user-friendly software won’t function properly. There are various emulators available in the market, but the article covers the leading emulators: BlueStacks and NoxPlayer.

Method 1- Step by Step Guide to Install Geeni using BlueStacks 

Downloading BlueStacks

  • Download the BlueStacks app from the Windows AppStore.
  • Go to the PC’s downloads folder and, after finding the Bluestacks application, click it to install it.
  • Accept the licensing agreement. If you correctly follow the directions, the application will successfully install.

Downloading Geeni app

  • If you haven’t logged in to the Play Store, use your Gmail ID and password for the same.
  • Open the installed emulator type Geeni in the search bar and press enter.
  • Click on the icon of the Geeni app.
  • A window of Geeni will open on the play store.
  • Or the option will open with the store displaying in the emulator’s application.
  • Click on the install button alongside the icon and the app will be downloaded.
  • Click on the Geeni app icon and start the usage of the application.

Method 2 – How to install Geeni on Windows PC Using NoxPlayer

Downloading NoxPlayer

  • Download the Nox program from the Windows AppStore.
  • Go to the PC’s downloads folder and click it to install the Nox programme.
  • Accept the licensing agreement. Correctly follow the directions, the application will successfully install on your PC.

Downloading Geeni app

  • If you haven’t logged in to the Play Store, use your Gmail ID and password for the same.
  • Open the installed emulator and type Geeni in the search bar and press enter.
  • Click on the icon of the Geeni app and a window of Geeni will open on the play store.
  •  Or the option will open with the store displaying in the emulator’s application.
  • Click on the install button alongside the icon and the app will be downloaded.

Features of the Geeni app

Geeni has several exceptional features that set it apart from other home management software and which explain the rush of PC users to download it.

  • Easy control: The interface of the app is very user-friendly and the controls on the app to navigate the usage of the connected devices are simple.
  • Sharing of account: Account sharing feature that allows access to your trusted family and friends. The primary user can determine what devices they can control or access.
  • Tracking Power Usage: It measures your electricity usage per app, in real-time and accordingly turns the devices on or off. Additionally, the app suggests patterns of saving on your electricity bill.
  • Grouping of Devices: It allows the creation of scenes that allow commanding multiple devices on a single command. Take, for example, all devices in a room, they will turn off with a click when you leave the room.
  • The automation feature: With this feature, you can easily schedule the timings of devices being switched on and off. Combining it with the grouping feature makes it more efficient.
  • Search for new devices: It suggests adding new devices that are adaptive to the user’s home and controls them all with a single app.

What’s new in the version of the geeni app

The most recent update of the app is 2.1.0 which comes with various outstanding features being added to the app. All these updated additions have been mentioned below.

  • Improvement in the web view allowing camera viewing on the PC’s browser
  • The connection method has been improved.
  • Improvements in the general stability of app controls and bug fixes.
  • Permission requirements: The updated version requires some extra permissions for the smooth functioning of the app. Some of these required permissions are: 
  • Access to the precise location.
  • Allow application the ability to change the connectivity state of the Wi-fi.
  • Allow information access about the networks.
  • Allow the app ability to read from external storage
  • Allow the various application to open varied network sockets.
  • Allow the ability to change audio settings, global.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Geeni app

With its latest updates and high ratings, the app proves to be a taker, but the requirements of an individual are specific and different from others. The article thus covers all possible advantages and disadvantages that the app offers to provide a level-playing field in terms of the app’s qualities being presented to the individual.


  • The app has an aesthetic and gradient look and is very simple.
  • The user-friendly interface makes the app easy to use.
  • The controls to the devices have fast connectivity allowing speedy pairings.
  • The app is free making it affordable for everyone.
  • All the services of the app are cloud-based leaving no account for data loss.
  • Highly convenient with no need to move around for controlling the devices.


  • Very few automation options for devices.
  • Very high battery usage.
  • The devices connected must all be Geeni devices.
  • No facility to view all cameras at once.
  • Not available for PC

Best Alternatives of Geeni app for pc

There is a need for comparable alternatives if your PC is unable to meet the prerequisites for installing the Geeni app or if the app’s official icon is hidden on the play store. The apps listed below can provide you with the most popular alternatives.

  1. SmartThings Classic 

The management application brings a minimal interface to monitor the devices connected to the individual’s smart home. It enables the automation of actions that the smart home must follow more than once daily. The usage of Amazon Alexa makes the voice commanding a handy feature. Devices at home can be monitored even if the user is not home. One simply needs to purchase the SmartThings Hub and then install the SmartThings Classic app for connecting it to any number of locks, sensors, lights, and devices.

  1. Smart Life

The Tuya Inc. production is another widely used home management app. The app lets you manage the devices across multiple devices and even share access. A certain distance from home does not deter the user from controlling the devices at use. The automation in switching devices on and off, controlling the temperature, and establishing a connection between multiple devices are some of the best features of the Smart Life app. True to its slogan- Smart living, one experiences a smart home with the app.

  1. Kasa for mobile

The app is developed by TP-Link Research America Inc. and allows you to control and monitor all the TP-Link smart home devices. The highly efficient voice recognition feature makes device management super easy. All the appliances can be scheduled to turn on and off according to the convenience of the user. The ‘Away’ mode is a highly lucrative feature to keep the home safe from burglars and thieves when the user is away. 

The Kasa Cam keeps an eye on the place it’s been installed, and the live footage can be accessed on the user’s app from anywhere in the world. Purchase the devices, download the Kasa Smart app and you’re all set up.

  1. HomeSense

The HomeSense app typically lets your phone be the commanding source of your smart home. With the base version of the app, one can see the status of the connected devices and the usage summary of these devices. Everything can be seen and controlled from temperature, lights, and binds to air conditioners. The recent update in the app allows access to selected control symbols and keypad buttons of the select devices and even the swath type. Download the HomeSense app and enjoy all the exclusive features that it offers.

  1. Gideon Smart Home

The application developed by Braindrain Solution Ltd. helps the user have local and remote control of all the devices installed in the user’s home. It has a people-friendly interface. A single click to a smart home is a reality with this app, automation of daily routines is simpler than ever. The app accommodates Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, and many such voice recognition devices that make the user experience easy. Communication of devices to avoid property damage and enhance productivity makes the app stand out among its contenders.


Smart homes are the present and the future and Geeni is the current trending app for the smart home option. The cloud-based login, device groupings, and no advertisements are the features keeping the app high in demand for PCs as is the current case. The basic features of the app, all its updated features, advantages and disadvantages have been taken up by the article. The method to download the app on PCs has been covered step by step for the benefit of the reader. 

Individuals’ choices differ and so does the capability of their devices, if an individual wants to consider a similar app or their device cannot accommodate the Geeni app, the article covers five alternative options. Hope the article helped answer all your Geeni-related queries.

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