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The Fing app for PC is the software you must try if you are concerned about your network health and security. The app identifies network status, troubleshoots the network, and detects connectivity issues if any. 

You need not worry about your network health as this app scans your network and monitors its usage.  Apart from showing the number of devices connected to your WiFi it also shows the details of all the connected devices. The fing app for PC is available to download from the Microsoft store and the Apple app store.

Fing app for PC

Fing app for PC Specifications




92.80 MB


Windows 10 and above.

Language English, Spanish, and Italian
Security Safe for use
Downloads 1,00,00,000+

Features of Fing app for PC

Network Scanner

The fing app for PC has the best network scanner as it can scan all wired and wireless networks. The app can detect all the devices that are connected to the network and also provides details about the connected devices.

It can scan hidden devices, an exclusive feature for the apps in this industry. The hidden network scanner in the fing app is the most accurate as it scans the network in a given area even if that network does not broadcast its presence.

Identifies Devices

Using this app you can see all the devices connected to this network. It not only detects the devices but also gives details about the make and model of that device. 

It also gives the devices’ IP address and Mac address in connection with the network. These details are generally unavailable, but with the fing app, users have access to such details about the devices.

This feature enables the user to change the settings of their network and troubleshoot their network and using these tools you can secure your network.

Real-time Bandwidth Monitoring

The Fing app for PC provides real-time bandwidth monitoring. It also provides real-time data consumption as to how much data is being used by the users of that network.

This feature enables users to monitor data usage so that the users can see the excessive data used by which device. 

It helps in disconnecting them by making some changes in the network settings, therefore, it optimizes the network performance.

Many apps in this industry do not offer this feature which makes this app unique and the most trusted app in the industry.

Remote access

The uninterrupted Remote access is an exclusive feature of the app, which enables users to access devices that are connected to the same network remotely. It allows the users to manage the devices connected to a network and also permits them to troubleshoot the devices.

This feature makes this app very useful for IT professionals to manage the devices connected to the same network. This feature, if misused, can lead to a major security breach, but this app allows limited remote access.

Network Health 

Using this app prevents users from exposing their data if there is some problem in the network. Therefore, this app allows users to conduct regular network health checkups to find out if the network is working efficiently.

If there is any issue in the network this app will detect it. After detection users can understand the problem and resolve it.

In this modern world of technology, the major task for any network user is the diagnosis part. It is very difficult to diagnose the problem. But to remove this difficulty Fing app for PC has entered as a revolutionary app in the industry.

Alternatives of Fing

Advanced IP Scanner

The advanced IP scanner enables you to scan your network and detect the devices connected to it. The app has a simple user interface, which is why people sometimes prefer this app. 

Interestingly the app has some cool features which are generally not available. It can shut down and reboot devices connected to the network if its network card supports Wake-on-LAN.

This app works in 25+ languages, so if you are from any part of the globe this app is available in your language.


NetSpot offers effective network coverage and detection. It works on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands which allows you to locate your busiest and least occupied channels. It also offers CSV support which saves historical data for future reference.

Furthermore, the discovery mode in this app allows users to gather network information in coverage areas and the app arranges the network information in color-coded dBm bars.

In the upcoming update, Netspot is going to include WiFi network planning as one of its key features.


The Nmap app has several features available in the Fing app for PC. Nmap is the short name for Network mapper. The app works in a program-based user interface and sends critically approved packets to the target network, and then analyses the response received on those packets. 

This app is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS 10 and above therefore compatible with all your devices. It is useful for network managers for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. It has a big community that helps users when they face any problem with the app.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

All the required tools, such as monitoring tools, Network scanners, and security tools are there in the SoftPerfect Network Scanner. User reviews for this app are majorly positive. You can download the app from its official website. 

The SoftPerfect network scanner app has organized log management. It can detect hidden shared folders, therefore, allows you to have full control of your network.

It also offers multithreaded IP and supports both IPv4 and IPv6 composed of 32 and 128-bit address lengths respectively so that all types of devices are detected.

Port Authority – Port scanner

Using this app you get features like LAN host discovery, Public IP discovery, IP address, Mac address details, and other details related to the network. 

It is compatible with the majority of devices and the Port Authority app has no ads and it asks for minimum permissions during installation.

It also has a Wake-on-LAN feature exclusive to a few apps in the industry, that enables you to control all other devices connected to the network.


Is Fing available for Free?

Yes, the Fing app for PC is available for free download. Windows users can download it from the Microsoft store for free. Users can make in-app purchases to enjoy premium features.

Is Fing available for Mac?

The Fing app is available for Mac. Users can download the Fing app from two sources. They can primarily download this app from the Apple App Store or its official website.

Is Fing Safe to Use?

The Fing app for PC is safe to use. It does not have any malicious content. No antivirus detects any malware in this app. There are no cases of data breach reporting for this app.

Is Fing available for Windows 10 & 11?

Yes, the Fing app for PC is available for windows 10,11. You can download the Fing app from the Microsoft app store and also from the official website of the Fing app.


The Fing app for PC is a complete package for users looking for a safe and trusted Network scanning and management app. The app has some unique features which are not available in similar apps and after reading this article I hope you are aware of all the features of this app.

The app is free for download by all users, most of the features are available for free but users have the option of in-app purchases to enjoy premium services. It fulfills all user requirements by providing details about the devices, and remotely accessing them.

Apart from these features, a network speed tester also enables users to check their network speed. Overall, the Fing app for PC is a one-stop solution for all the problems related to your network.

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