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Cooking Fever on PC is a restaurant simulation game. With this game, you can learn more than a hundred recipes. The game starts with a simple diner and has multiple levels. The goal of the player is to become the best chef in town.

Playing this game teaches you to manage a restaurant and serve customers. The game has cuisines from around the world. The Cooking fever on PC is available for download from the Apple and Microsoft app store.


Cooking Fever on PC Specifications


Cooking Fever on PC


551.5 MB


Windows 10 and above

Language 15+
Security Safe to use app
Downloads 200,000,000+ 

Features of Cooking Fever on PC

The Cooking Fever on PC comes with some amazing features which make the app very engaging.

Vivid and Realistic Graphics

With this app, you can cook various cuisines from around the world. The app offers the best graphics, and the raw materials are similar to those in real life. 

The Cooking Fever on PC follows all the steps as are done in actually cooking that food. In your kitchen, you have various tools like multiple cooking bases and drink dispensers to ease your cooking.

The kitchen also has a dustbin and tissue dispenser that promotes cleanliness. The customers coming to your restaurant have different appearances making this app even more realistic.

More than 100 levels to complete

Cooking fever on PC has more than 100 levels, and you can complete the levels by earning XP stars. With each increasing level, the game becomes more difficult. The number of customers increases with increasing levels, and there is less time to serve.

On passing a level, you get XP and coins. Using these coins, you can upgrade your kitchenware and reduce the cooking time. With the increase in difficulty, users find this game more challenging. You can compete with your friends and family and become the best chef.

Tournaments and Challenges

The Cooking Fever on PC has several tournaments and challenges within the app. You can participate in tournaments using coins. You can win coins and upgrade your restaurant with the best facilities.

The game also has daily and weekly challenges. You get coins and gems by completing these challenges. The daily challenge attracts users and makes them play the game daily.

The weekly challenge has even bigger rewards. You must complete these challenges to become the best chef in the game.

Hundreds of recipes and cuisines

By playing this game, one can learn hundreds of dishes and their recipes. From Indian to Chinese, this game has cuisines from around the world. The game has more than 100 ingredients that you can use to cook mouth-watering dishes.

With the new update, you can travel to the peak of Mount breakfast. You can experience fiery hot dining experience in this restaurant. There is a ‘take me there’ button by which you can navigate to places. The new update offers gem shards and casino tickets as the new currency.

Easy to Play

The Cooking Fever on PC is an easy game to play. Easy to Play has tutorials in the initial levels to learn the basics. The character ‘Michelle’ guides you with the game and makes it easy. The first two levels help us understand the game.

Anyone can play the game if they comprehend English. It has simple controls and requires basic application of the mind. The game is safe for children as it shows no sensitive content. With the new update, the game is more simple and smooth. 

Alternatives of Cooking Fever

Burger Tycoon-Cooking Restaurant

Burger Tycoon is one of the best cooking simulation games. In this game, you are the chef of the largest burger chain in the city. You have to serve all the customers within the specified time limit, or you will lose a life.

The app has vivid, colorful graphics that offer a realistic experience to the users. The game allows you to invite your friends to compete with you. You will also get daily challenges in the game. By completing those challenges, you will be able to upgrade your restaurant.

My Cafe Shop

My Cafe shop is a restaurant management role-play game. In this game, you are the owner of a Hamburger restaurant.

This game teaches you how to manage time without wasting resources. Every time you waste any raw material, you will lose points.

Unlike other cooking simulation games, it does not restrict you to a particular dish. You can cook hamburgers, salads, french fries, etc., as per the customer’s demand. The game becomes interesting when you reach higher levels. By increasing levels, you have more customers to serve in less time.

Cooking Madness Fever

Playing this game, you will experience the life of a Chef, waiter, and restaurant manager. The game is full of challenges, and you can reach the highest levels by playing smartly. You can upgrade your kitchenware and other equipment using coins.

The best thing about the game is you can play it offline. If you travel in a bus or a metro, this game is a good time filler. You can become the chef master by earning 3 chef stars at every level. 

Star Chef

Star Chef has more than 20 million downloads worldwide. You can become a master chef and build your restaurant. After playing this game, you will learn to cook different world-class cuisines.

You begin as an amateur cook and end up as a culinary master. You can upgrade the interior of your restaurant to attract customers.

You can also hire staff for your help. Your restaurant will host parties, so be ready to serve the customers. Upgrade your cooking equipment to save time and serve more customers.

Happy Chef

The game requires you to manage your restaurants in 5 different locations. With more than 70 levels, you can finish the game in 25+ hours. The game offers five characters, and you can choose any character that resembles you.

Happy Chef has a story mode gameplay. Your progress runs in a comical story. With more than 100 meals to cook, you will always have new things to explore.

You can upgrade your restaurant with modern tools using coins and gems. NordCurrent is the developer of Happy chef and Cooking fever on PC.

Frequently asked questions

Is Cooking Fever available for free?

Yes, Cooking Fever is available for free to download. You can download the game from the Apple and Microsoft app store.

Is Cooking Fever available for Mac?

Cooking Fever is available for Mac. The game requires Mac OS 11.0 or above, with an Apple M1 chip or later.

Is Cooking Fever safe to use?

Yes, Cooking Fever is a safe-to-use app and can pass any antivirus test, and is risk-free. There is no threat to your data, and your identity is secure under this app as this app is available in app stores.

Is Cooking Fever available for windows 10,11?

Cooking Fever is available for Windows 10.11 directly from the Microsoft app store, and Windows users can install it for free.


The Cooking Fever on PC is the best cooking simulation game. The game requires the users to prepare delicious meals using available equipment. You are now aware of the installation procedure and gameplay.

No other game offers all the features available in this game for free. The game has a wide range of audience. If you often travel somewhere, this app is a savior for you. Due to its exciting features and engagement, Cooking Fever on PC is popular among users.

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