Download CapCut for PC Windows 10 & 11 & Mac

Are you finding the proper app to create unique videos? Well, look no further because CapCut is here to save the day. 

You can now create videos for all social media platforms like any other influencer. CapCut allows users to generate complex videos through simple tools.

The app includes features like auto caption, text-to-speech, trending filters, and music & sound effects, among many others. 

Furthermore, the app is free with advanced features such as stabilization, snip moments, slow motion, chroma key, and keyframe animation. 

CapCut is only available in English and is compatible with Windows 10 version 0.0 or higher. 

CapCut for PC

CapCut Specifications

Name CapCut
Size 8 GB
Compatibility Windows 10 version 0.0 or higher
Language English
Security Bytedance Pte. Ltd
Downloads 32-bit / 64-bit

Features of CapCut

Trending Filters – CapCut offers its users a variety of filters and effects. This feature allows you to create trending videos matched with trending filters. 

The weekly updated app includes the latest developments like 3D, Blur, and Glitch. CapCut helps you create movie-like videos suitable for all social media platforms. 

The user-friendly app is wildly popular among mobile users. Now almost anyone can create the perfect social media presence with trending videos. Create vlogs and promote brands and businesses to reach the right audience. 

Special Features – In addition to CapCut being free, it comes loaded with a spectrum of unique features. Some include background removal, auto-captions, sounds, and music. 

CapCut for PC allows viewing and editing on larger displays such as laptops or desktops. You can edit and create videos in HD with special effects available on Windows devices. 

However, you will require an android emulator, BlueStacks, to download the app on your PC or Mac.

Nevertheless, several other emulators are available that fit your requirements. 

Easy Editing – Apart from being free, the cherry on top is that the app oozes high-grade editing features. 

Gone are the days when we could like and share exclusive videos. Whether you are an influencer or want to share personalized videos, CapCut for PC is your one-stop shop. 

The app helps you to create professional videos using professional video editing features. At the tip of your fingers, generate organic customers and followers with your one-of-a-kind videos. 

The video editor app is compatible with 4K 60 fps exports and smart HDR. 

Easy Sharing – CapCut for PC provides users with HD-quality video editing making it easy to share on multiple platforms. You can create a video for all occasions, promotions, and business purposes. 

The custom video export resolution helps you adjust your video format according to the social media platforms. 

Furthermore, you can overlay multiple photos and videos and split and trim them to create fan-following videos. CapCut’s automotive exports watermark is easily removable so that you can create unrepeatable videos in over twenty languages. 

Transition – To create transition videos on CapCut, you can generate a transition video and add it as an overlay. 

The transition feature includes – MG to effect, mask, camera, and basic, allowing you to hide the cut to another clip flawlessly. 

However, the only drawback of this feature is that you can only add two clips per transition. Nevertheless, the pre-existing CapCut filters are adjustable and primary clips and overlays work as added filters. 

Alternatives of CapCut


The cross-platform video editor is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. The app is free and includes over a hundred video and audio formats. 

It supports FFmepg formats with various professional effects and editing features, including several transport and device options and an intuitive and sleek interface. 

Some of them are webcam, audio, and screen capture, network stream playback, Windows DirectShow devices, capture from HDMI, IP stream, JACK & Pulse audio, and X11 screen. Create stunning videos in 4K resolution for all social media platforms. 

The monitoring and display features include UI themes/skins – native-OS look and custom dark and light, switch and save between various UI layouts, low-resolution preview, and editable keyboard shortcuts, among many others. 


Although Movavi is a professional video editing app, it is not complex as the others. The app includes lightning-fast file rendering and processing. 

However, the app is not free, and the professional version includes detailed parameters and settings. Other features include background removal and support formats like TARGA (.tga), Netpbm formats (.pam, .pbm, .pgm, .ppm), GIF, BMP, XBM, JPEGLS, and XWD, among others. 

The Movavi video converter helps resolve file compatibility issues. With over 18 years of experience serving around 200 countries, the app is suitable for all age groups. 


OpenShot is a free app for Windows hosting a complete set of features. The app is powerful and supports a wide range of formats. 

You can generate unique animated videos with the help of the powerful key frame animation framework, and the interpolation mode can be linear, constant, or quadratic bezier curves. 

Amateurs can now create professional videos for all purposes with time mapping, over 400 transitions, the latest effects and filters, desktop integration, real-time previews, layers, watermarks, and audio tracks. 


ClipChamp is one step ahead of its competitors, offering intelligent features that save time in creating trending videos. 

The app includes overlays, AI voiceovers in over 70 languages and 170 lifelike voices, green screen editing, special effects, and customizable video templates. 

ClipChamp flourishes users with over a million royalty-free assets and templates suitable for ads, promotions, business, and gaming videos. 

You can add logos to your videos, split or combine, resize, mirror, rotate, flip, and enhance overall video quality at the tip of your fingers. 


The fastest video editor, offers real-time file sharing without rendering and requires no external software. 

The wide range of features Flixier includes cut and crop videos, text to speech, splitter, pixelate, blur, glitch, green screen, picture-in-picture, and zoom recordings, among many others. 

The app has four payment methods – Free, Pro ($14), Business ($30), and Enterprise ($55) per month. 

While the free version may come with limited benefits, the features are robust enough to create professional videos for all online platforms. 


Is CapCut for PC free?

The user-friendly app is free for all users to help create jaw-dropping HD-quality videos. You can also remove the CapCut watermark at the end of your videos. 

Is CapCut available for Mac?

The good news is that CapCut is accessible for Windows and Mac users. The mobile-friendly app is also available for Android and iOS users. 

Is CapCut safe to use?

While CapCut is safe overall, it collects and shares your information with third parties in partnership with CapCut. 

Is CapCut available for Windows 10 & 11?

CapCut is free for Windows 10 & 11 on the Play Store. The CapCut Application is available on the App Store and does not require unnecessary workarounds. 


CapCut for PC is highly compatible and versatile with almost all devices. The app is popular among professionals and amateurs alike to create stop-scrolling videos. 

CapCut is the perfect app for beginners to learn the art of video editing, with features like auto-caption in nearly 93 languages. 

While there are various competitors in the market, CapCut maintains its popularity among social media enthusiasts. 

Lastly, this is all you need to know about the CapCut for PC app to help you start your editing journey. 

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