Download Blink App for PC Windows 10 & 11 & MAC

Are you frustrated with the multiple apps and devices security cameras use? Well, look no further! The Blink App for PC provides security to locations using innovative home-monitoring tools. The app allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor homes and workspaces. 

Furthermore, the app is compatible with windows 11 and 10, 8 & 7. The app is free and easy to download and install. The multiple-camera system is controllable with one app allowing you to monitor your business, home & private space simultaneously. 

The sophisticated home security comes with a time zone option, computer/mobile settings, live CCTV streaming, etc. 

Blink App for PC

Blink App Specification

Name Blink Home Monitor
Size 148 MB
Compatibility Android 6.0 
Language French, Italian, German, English, Spanish
Security Indoor and Outdoor
Downloads Video and Audio recording support

Features of Blink App

Blink Outdoor Camera – Some of the many features of the Blink Outdoor Camera include: night vision, 110-degree vision, wireless, two-way audio, IP65 weather rating, adjustable motion zone, and two-year battery life, among others. The unique weather feature makes the cameras snow, dust, and rainproof. 

You can mount the camera on trees, walls, and ceilings while receiving live weather updates through the app. The 1080p resolution allows high-def outdoor viewing. You can also save your footage on the cloud or local storage.

Also, the blink outdoor camera infrared night vision feature gives you access to uninterrupted night surveillance.

Remote Accessibility – The Blink App will enable you to manage multiple cameras remotely. The user-friendly interface and intelligent motion detection alert you of suspicious movements. The app also allows you to schedule arm or disarm the blink systems. 

For better management, the app also provides a sensitivity-adjusting feature. You can also customize activity zones to prevent false alarms.

Furthermore, the app has a Snooze feature to silence motion alerts and notifications for a specific time; while detecting and recording motion triggers. You can access your monitor recordings on the Blink Home Monitor app. 

Audio System – The Blink audio system simultaneously records video and audio of the nearby area. The camera features omnidirectional mics recording audio upto 10 feet. 

The camera does not possess an audio-based detection system and only works when the PIR sensor detects motions. 

Furthermore, the audio quality is static-ridden, providing an audible output. The audio system may also catch the sounds of the wind or other stimuli. 

You can also disable the audio to save battery if your cameras run 24.7. 

Recorded Clips – The Blink app is a one-stop shop for all your security needs. You can find all your surveillance recordings via the Blink app. 

The app allows you to manage and store the clips easily. You can also use external storage to save your recordings. The sync module on the app helps you to preserve the clippings safely. 

You can also install the Blink app on your phone to stay connected from anywhere. The app allows you to view and record HD-quality videos. 

Alexa – The Blink app combined with Alexa takes your security game to the next level. You can use voice commands to control Blink Mini, Indoor, and Outdoor. 

This feature allows you to play recorded clips, disarm or arm the camera, view live videos, and receive alerts for motion detection. 

Run the Blink app successfully on your PC or mobile with an internet connection, 4GB RAM, Android Emulator, Intel/AMD, 2GB free storage space, and a compatible graphics card. 

Alternatives of the Blink App


You will need the Arlo Secure App to run the Arlo Indoor Security Camera successfully. The app allows taking full advantage of the camera features like two-way audio, 1080p HD quality video, viewing real-time events, etc. 

The app makes way for all systems through your phone, and the Arlo Pro 5s 2K connects to the Keypad Sensor Hub. 

Arlo also suggests using the Arlo Professional Monitoring Plan to gain access to features like smoke and CO alarm, cellular backup, 24.7 live security experts, video verification, and one-tap emergency response. 


This home security app is compatible with Android and iOS turning one device into a camera and the other into a monitor. 

The app provides a free online cloud account to upload and view surveillance footage safely. Each motion detection is recorded, and all hidden camera functions are accessible. 

The app is free and easy to install without requiring an additional camera. The person detection feature allows you to bypass unwanted alerts caused by objects. 


The free spy cam app works with Android and iOS while converting your smartphone, laptop, or tablet into a security camera. 

The app allows you to stream live footage and receive motion detection alerts. You will also need to pay extra for cloud storage and multiple-device camera usage. 

The app also helps you to talk through the device while viewing live surveillance. The app UI is easy to use, and clips are downloaded safely. 

Abode Smart Security Kit

Abode integrates with voice-controlled speakers, smart lighting, home devices, and thermostats. It is compatible with Zigbee, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Z-Wave, and Google Assistant.

It connects to ethernet and requires no wiring to connect up to 160 devices. You also get battery backup and a built-in 93db siren. The Abode app is available for Android and iOS in Spanish and English. 

The app is easily accessible from your phone. It provides in-app panic alarms, filtered timeline events, and device management.

Some prominent features included in the standard pack are – unlimited cameras, home automation, live and recorded video, person detection, video storage, and notifications.

Home Security Kit 7 Pieces

The wireless home security system comes with a multilayer of protection. It includes a keypad, base station, four motion, and entry sensors. The device is compatible with Alexa with 24.7 professional monitoring and is almost invisible. 

The power outage protection feature allows 24 hours surveillance easily controlled by your smartphone. 

It detects contact and motion, and the external alarm notification is on cellular, police, text, and the app. 

You must activate the Monitoring Service to communicate outside your home or business and receive Smart Alerts. 


Is the Blink home security app free?

Yes, the Blink home security app is free. 

Is the Blink app available for Mac?

The Blink app is available on the App Store for Mac. 

Is the Blink app safe to use?

Blink app is safe and easy to install. It requires no contracts or wires and has strong batteries that last about two years. Blink offers self-monitoring as well as customer service. 

Is the Blink app available for Windows 10 and 11?

The Blink app is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. 


The Blink app is the right choice for multiple surveillance. It is budget-friendly while ensuring safety. The app allows you to explore the camera’s various features for maximum benefit. 

With the blink home security app, your home or business is safe. Furthermore, you can also use third-party apps to integrate Google Home with Blink. Alexa also allows for aiding innovative ecosystems with Echo Show and Echo Dot. 

Lastly, this is all you need to know about the Blink Home Monitoring app, which is free for Android and iOS. 

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