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Bitlife for PC is a life simulator game developed by candy writer. Players can play it on a computer or smartphone, which is handy! The user interface of Bitlife is fashioned like the protagonist’s diary. The list of memorable yearly events will appear on the screen following each of your selections. 

Additionally, it is a text-based single-player game that offers multiple-choice questions so that the player can make life-changing decisions. However, it might not be suitable for children because it involves crimes, relationships, substance intake, etc. You can also download Bitlife for PC through an Android emulator like BlueStacks. 


BitLife for PC Specifications






Windows 7/8/10/11 pc and laptop

Language English
Security Safe
Downloads 42 million

Features of BitLife for PC

Live your dream life: 

Users of the BitLife PC game can freely enjoy every stage of their lives while having a great time. You get to choose the storyline for your game and the character of your choice. Bitlife for PC gives people the option to choose whatever occupation they like. 

You can choose whether to be a code merger or a doctor. Here, you may easily live your best life and act like a child anytime. In the computer game BitLife, you can acquire land, build schools, and hire people to act realistically.


Bitlife for PC’s premium membership is called Bitizenship, which serves as the BitLife world’s citizenship certificate. The premium membership is available for real money and grants access to exclusive features for BitLife. Ad-free experience is possible with the help of Bitizenship. You will acquire Bitizenship after you purchase it from the App Store or Google Play. 

The premium features of Bitlife, such as access to pets and bar services, are unlocked through Bitizenship. Only Bitizens will be permitted to run in the presidential election. Additionally, Bitizenship will let you play a game without any ads.


A Bitlife Ribbon is given to a player after their death in the game to summarise their life. These ribbons are visible on your gravestone. The Main Menu’s “Ribbons” tab lists all 40 ribbons, with the ones that haven’t been acquired yet shown in grey. 

There are four secret ribbons whose names and emojis are shown to the player when unlocked. These secret ribbons appear as question marks to the user. As an illustration, if you have completed a postgraduate education, even in one life, you will be awarded the Academic Ribbon.

God Mode: 

The BitLife God Mode is arguably the most distinctive approach to managing every aspect of the well-known text-based mobile simulator.

As the name implies, it will provide divine power, enabling you to customize your character’s traits and quality of life. These changes will determine how you will look in the coming ages.

The premium feature lets you change other characters’ looks in your Bitlife. You can revise these changes as many times as you desire. However, you can not change your birthday, siblings, etc. The premium feature must be bought separately from the AppStore or Google Play.

Unique algorithm: 

Usually, the algorithm of a game is pre-decided by the developers, whether it’s a racing game or a shooting game. However, in BitLife for PC, there is no fixed outcome. Your choices today will impact everything that happens tomorrow.

The decision-making power that the player has in the game helps to raise their decision-making ability in real life. The chances of falling into the same situation are very slim. So, you get treated with new life scenarios every time you play the game.

Alternatives of BitLife for pc

The Life Simulator:

Life Simulator for PC shows actual life and is entertaining and instructive. Choose your starting point and test your ability to rise from rags to riches. Sadly, this game is rated for people aged 12+ as it contains content such as murder, theft, relationships, etc.

You can apply the subliminal teachings of the game to relationships, careers, time management, and personal convictions. Although the game is free to download, it includes in-app purchases. Unfortunately, The life Simulator download is only available for iOS devices.


Windforge for PC is a role-playing game developed by Snowed in Studios. Only a single player can play the game at once. You can either build or destroy anything that you can see in the world.

The built-from-scratch floating airship homes are a sophisticated aspect of the game. Make a special Wunderwaffe, then embark on a journey. 

Windforge has around 1200 craftable items, which are still increasing. The side-scroll perspective is used to explore the surroundings in this block-building game. At least 2 GB of free space is required to download Windforge with Windows 7 or later.

Another Life- Life simulator: 

Another Life for PC is a simulation game provided by AnotherByte Inc. Your name, address, and personality traits will be used to construct your character.

If selected, Another Life will create this character separately, giving them a unique set of personalities chosen randomly. 

Additionally, Another Life is rated for age 12+ as it involves substance use, violence, gambling, etc. Although this game can be downloaded using the Bluestacks emulator for free, it includes in-app purchases. Downloading Another life on Mac requires macOS 11.0 or later.


Reigns for PC is a kingdom management simulation presented as a card game with a Tinder-like interaction system.

Developed by Nerial and published by Devolver Digital, it is a strategy game created in 2016. Reigns is a text-based single-player game. 

Set in a fictional medieval world, it places the player as a monarch. You aim to keep things balanced and reign over your land for as long as possible. Reigns require 4GB memory on your PC and can be downloaded via Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Life is a game: 

Life is a game for PC is an arcade clone of Bitlife for PC. You can create a group with up to 3 other players or select a character to play. The phrase “life is a marathon” served as the inspiration for this game.

Life is a game is a brand-new genre of game that combines simulation and running gameplay. Though the game can be downloaded for free, in-app purchases are included. Bluestacks can be used to download this game with a heartwarming story and pixel visuals.


Is BitLife for PC available for free?

Downloading Bitlife is free, and even though in-app purchases are not required to play the game, it is feasible for kids to consent to them unintentionally.

Is BitLife available for Mac?

Bitlife requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later to be downloaded. You will also require an Android emulator to download the app on Mac. 

Is BitLife safe to use?

The BitLife application collects personally identifiable information (PII). It is unknown if the data gathered is encrypted. 

Is BitLife available for Windows 10 & 11?

Downloading Bitlife is available for free on windows 7/8/10 & 11 using an android emulator.


To summarise, Bitlife for PC is an online life simulation game that can easily download for free from Bluestacks on Windows 7 and above. Ribbons are given as rewards to the players. 

You can win many rewards if you live your whole life. Godmode and Bitizenship are the paid features of Bitlife. I hope that this article was helpful for you and helped you to know more about Bitlife for PC.

BitLife for pc reviews

Bitlife for PC is a genuine gem in the rough. With numerous updates being introduced, the game keeps growing and improving, becoming even better than it was at first. 

Bitlife might make you live the best life (or the worst). The life simulation game is challenging and an excellent way to kill time. 

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