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Microsoft 10: Can it Deliver?

While the wait has finally been concluded with Microsoft announcing the release date of their latest operating system – Windows 10 – people have turned their attention to the features and advantages that this new OS can put on the table, as well as other news circulating this operating system.

A surprising step

Microsoft’s new OS is set to be release this summer and it’s been announced that it’s going to be free – for the first year, at least – and yes, even for pirates. This means that all pirated copies of Windows 7 and 8 is eligible for the free upgrade similar to those who have been paying for the OS for years.

It’s a surprising move that can benefit the company in the long run. The free update has been speculated as being a response to the large number of piracy in China.

Lenovo, a computer and mobile device company based on China that sells their products across the globe and its own market, has struck a deal with Microsoft. The goal is to bring the new OS to millions of the country’s PC users.

The company has also shook hands with Xiaomi, one of China’s most prominent smartphone manufacturers. Xiaomi has agreed to bundle Windows 10 on their product allowing users to experience how smoothly the new OS can run on smartphones.

Microsoft 10’s new feature

Internet Explorer has been chuck out. Yes, the browser that almost everyone rolls their eyes at has been replaced by Spartan, which is deemed to be faster, reliable, and offers new ways of sharing web pages and other information.

Windows 10 is a more simplified version of its former self with greater performance, and is design to run on small and large devices like phones and TVs, as well as on new kinds of computers including Microsoft’s own holographic headset.

You’ll see images, icons, projects you’re working on while wearing it. Users can also make a Skype call using the product, and because it’s a transparent device you won’t be bumping your hips on side tables while walking during conversations.

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, is also making its way to PC users. Cortana’s functions are similar to Siri and can perform complicated tasks such as sending e-mails, pulling files, conduct a computer search, and many others. The company is quick to point out that the version is still being improved and is in its development state, though during their presentation, the voice recognition seemed to be performing swimmingly.

Microsoft hasn’t left gamers out. With the new operating system, Microsoft users can play against people with Xbox One through the Xbox Live app which works on PCs, phones, and tablets.

People’s verdict

There are a lot of people fairly impressed during Microsoft’s presentation with their new OS, but there are also others who are either dissatisfied or unconvinced.

One point that’s been brought up is regarding the Start button that had people shaking their heads when Microsoft 8.1 came out. There are also doubts among others that the new OS wouldn’t be as different as its last predecessor saying that they’d rather stick to Windows 7 if this will be so.

Whatever the case may be, it’s fair to say that it’s too early to bring the verdict on Microsoft 10 as the OS is still a work in progress. Users – we – will have to judge the whole thing when it’s finally available.

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