Google Embracing the Internet of Things with Brillo

Brillo for Smart HomeThere are a lot of philosophers who suggested that everything in the universe is interconnected, that we are all bound by something larger than ourselves. We may not see it, but some believe that it’s there, thinner than a spider-web.

Take this concept and apply it on the real world and you got what we now call the internet of things.

IoT or (The Internet of Things)

IoT is the idea that everything can be connected. All it needs is an on and off switch. Take a smart-home for example.

A smart home is where there are a lot of devices that has the ability to interact with each other. From TV, toasters, and stereos to your house’s security system like electronic locks and alarm systems – these devices can communicate with each other, as well as gather and send data over at the cloud.

But isn’t just “things” that are included in the list. There can be people and animals too. A person who has a heart monitor implant or an animal with a health tracking chip are also under its scope.


“So what’s this got to do with a site whose main focus is writing about operating systems?” you might ask. Well, that’s because Google is poised to announce their new OS for the internet of things.

That’s right. The tech giant is going to be releasing a new operating system, called Brillo, which will basically be a smaller version of their Android designed to cater low power devices running with only 32 or 64MB of RAM.

The significance of this is that by having all the devices working under one system it eliminates the compatibility issues of these devices thereby easing their connectivity with one another. They might come from different manufacturers but if performing in a single OS a lot of existing problems will be solved.

This is Google’s vision, of course. There are a lot of companies right now developing similar OS hoping that they can take full hold of this niche in the market. However, Google seems to be ahead at the moment with their product scheduled to be showed off at Google I/O 2015.

Tip of the Iceberg

A lot of people are still in the dark as to what exactly does internet of things holds for them or for the future for that matter.

As said earlier, IoT has the capability of sending data over at the cloud. From a smaller scale, say, a toothbrush, can record strokes and strength of how you brush your teeth earlier. This data can then be analyze if your brushing technique is healthy or is damaging your gums.

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From a larger scale, companies can monitor and compile this data to determine and predict the rise and fall of trends in their market. It can create patterns on how companies can draft and decide which marketing strategy to use to lower the risk of whatever path they chose to take next. And this is just the tip of it.

Of course, the burning question that a lot of people are voicing is that is this technology threatening the privacy of everyone in the planet? Well, that may just be what we’ll talk about on our next article.

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