17 Jan

Upcoming Updates & Trends for Windows 10

Almost every user of Microsoft Windows Operating System noticed some kind of a history repeat in the Windows development. It seems that ever since Windows XP first appeared and was adopted in many businesses and companies (by the way it was a great hit), there was some unusual loop. Next generation Windows Vista was skipped, then the corporations adopted Windows 7 also as one of the biggest hits and skipped Windows 8. It is only logical that Windows 10 gets all the fame, and it did. Despite its flaws and unusually common update loops Windows 10 was greatly accepted by most of the businesses out there.

Update Loop

Many Windows 10 users complained about what it seems to be never-ending update loop. However, Microsoft Developers are working on a script that should fix all the issues this operating system is currently having.
The Update is causing many problems for Windows users, these never-ending updates are continuously incoming, and while some users can wait until they’re complete and enjoy their PC, some are stuck in this loop. Unable to complete updates, some users’ computers couldn’t boot therefore leaving users in the cold. Non-functioning computers surely aren’t good news for Microsoft; this is why they announced new script shortly, meaning you won’t have to wait long until your Windows is once again up and running.

Even though the Microsoft officials already announced the script, there is no exact date of when it will be ready for Windows 10 users or even the insiders. We were told it would be soon, and all we can do is wait. In the meantime, some fixes might help your Windows come alive.

How to Fix Windows Update

Windows Update is supposed to work in the background without making any trouble. However, if it cannot update a particular update, it can stop therefore causing your computer to malfunction. Something you can always use is Windows Troubleshooter if that doesn’t help seek professional help rather than reading Internet articles which sometimes can be wrong.


If you want to fix your computer on your own, you can try troubleshooting. Open your Control Panel, open System & Security section and click Fix Problems with Windows Update. Windows Update Troubleshooting panel will appear before you, click Advanced, then check the Apply repairs automatically checkbox and then click Run as Administrator and therefore next button. It should fix your problems if it’s not something more serious.

2 Jan

iOS Trends for 2017

The popularity of Apple devices and iOS speaks enough of its quality; the fact that Apple earned over 1 billion dollars only for app purchases is amazing, and all that in the one year period. However, the development of their business is neither slowing down nor going down completely, just the opposite, the constant arrival of the new devices announces that the new trends will soon overflow the market.

Upcoming iOS App Development Trends

Since apps are the most interesting part when it comes to the Apple Operating System, we will inform you about upcoming trends in this area of business.

1. Swift Coding

Objective-C will soon be replaced by the new programming method called Swift Coding. Even though you certainly had an opportunity to see it already and it isn’t brand new, it still has many interesting and significant advantages such as ease of use and navigable learning curve. It went open source in 2015, but the Apple will continue to use it for iOS, Apple Watches, and TV operating systems.

2. GPS and AR apps

Location based application and games indeed marked the 2016 year, and Pokemon GO was such a hit, people were never happier nor excited to use these apps. Apple promises to design individual GPS driven apps shortly. However, that’s not all. We heard whispers that Apple will be using the combination of the GPS and AR or Augmented Reality technologies which certainly announces big things.

3. Security

Security was always important to Apple; iOS is known for its privacy and safety features, and Apple doesn’t plan to leave it behind. Mobile data security is one of the biggest concerns nowadays, for both ordinary people and technology giants, but Apple is doing everything in their power to secure its operating systems and keep their clients safe. Innovative data encryption systems are almost there, as promised by Apple company. iOS App developers are already working on designing and creating stronger encryption systems.

4. Real-Time Customer Interaction

Enterprise, mobile app development, is bound to get better two ways – improving and introducing real-time customer interaction and dynamical management of data and tasks. Apple announces improvements in this area of development, and according to their revenues, the apps will be amazing just like those before them. Even though Android Operating System can sometimes be a better choice for enterprises solely because majority uses Android devices, people who are faithful to Apple devices swear on their better quality.

27 Oct

The Value of Recovery Points in Your Data Backup

recovery pointsData backup and recovery has two critical goals. The Recovery Time is the expected length of time between a system failure or a data interruption to be corrected. A crash that keeps employees from access to data for an hour is obviously less devastating than one that keeps employees from working for days. The Recovery Point describes the point in time at which a system and its data is protected. Both elements of data backup and recovery are critical in an overall data protection strategy. Continue reading