15 May

Getting Your Fill of Intelligent Computing – What the Future Holds with the Rise of Watson

Intelligent Computing

The IBM super-computer named Watson caused quite a stir by winning in Jeopardy! Since this technology is possible what can it do for you?

On February 14, 2011, history was made when a computer developed by IBM named Watson competed with two former Jeopardy! champions and in a three-day tournament and ended up the winner. This occasion fomented a lot of buzz in different directions related to what this technology means. Everything from the beginning of Skynet and the Terminator to a system that can augment the health care industry was mentioned. Continue reading

25 Mar

Deciding to Customize Your Own Computer

computer customizationThere’s a mark of pride that comes from completing a customized computer. From buying the parts to piecing them together, the moment that computer comes on and doesn’t catch fire, it’s an achievement. The sense of satisfaction that comes from using a computer after putting it together by hand simply cannot be duplicated by a pre-made machine. Continue reading