Android Mobile Apps Development – Upcoming Trends of 2017

Android devices are overflowing market nowadays, almost every person in the world has an Android device. In the light of this, Android app developers are working on new apps and improving Android technology in general. This operating system stands out of the crowd when games are in question, its success cannot be compared to any other technology giant, and as the predictions go, it will stay that way even in 2017. Here are some other upcoming trends you might find interesting.

Upcoming Trends

When it comes to the future trends for 2017, the tendencies stay the same as they were in 2016, technology giants are aspiring to improve privacy, develop enterprise apps and so on, however, in 2017 we will probably witness a few novel and unknown technologies.

1. Privacy is in the first place

A large number of individuals is considering privacy to be number one on the list of necessary features for next generation devices and operating systems, and technology giants are sharing their vision. Android developers are putting more and more effort to find a new way to protect your mobile data and secure your devices. Protecting online transactions is of the utmost importance for big enterprises, that’s why Google announced and designed a security app that is a solution for all Android mobile software. Protecting valuable data will be a piece of cake.

2. Wearable Apps

In the past, wearable devices and apps were designed mostly for the healthcare industry, but then the development started and now we have different types of smart watches. However, development isn’t going to stop anytime soon, so you can expect something unique, new and unprecedented to happen. What will it be? We have yet to see. Improvement of the Android Wear we have today is bound to happen.

3. Payment Services

You can forget about PayPal and Payoneer as well as other payment methods; Google announced the collaboration with major payment technology companies which is bound to give birth to unique and widespread payment plan. Further development and improvement of Google Wallet and Android Pay should allow you to use this payment method all over the Internet, using the Buy with Android Pay button.

Even though we mentioned only three upcoming trends for Android Operating System, there is no doubt that the 2017 year will be a year of leading technology, so stay informed and wait for miracles to happen. Upgrades for your Android devices are coming.

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